This Software Engineer Who Lost Her Job & Is Now Selling Vegetables Is An Example Of Never Lose Hope


Lockdown has been/is tough on all of us. We’re all going through some tough problems that we’ve never dealt before.

Remember the ‘Telugu Teacher From Andhra Who’s Selling Fruits After Losing His Job’


People are facing their worst financial crisis ever. But one shouldn’t lose hope no matter how bad the situation gets, right? One such inspirational person we’re talking about today is a Software engineer from Hyderabad, Sarada.

Sarada has recently lost her software job due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic.


Her courage and positive look towards life is what surprised people.

She said that she used to work at ‘Virtuesa Technologies’ as a ‘Performance and quality assurist. She had just joined in 3 months before the lockdown. But due to the lockdown since there are no projects for her, The company said they have to fire her.


While a reporter asked, ‘You have an engineering degree, Yet you’re selling vegetables, Are you regretting this in any way?’, Her reply won many peoples hearts.

She literally said,

“Alanti regrets emi levu. I don’t have any regrets like that. I’m doing this to support my parents. This is my survival.”

“Sometimes losing a job is regretful. But nenu ye source/work tho aina bratakagalanu.”


Whlile asked about how she’s coping up with the mental stress of losing the job, She said,

“You have your hands and legs. God has given you everything. Daanitho kashtapadandi, You can also survive even by selling vegetables. Look at life in a positive way. Don’t get negative thoughts in your brain.”


A salute to Sarada for not giving up and working hard in these tough times and standing up for her family. You are a hero!

You can watch her entire video here:


For people who want to help her, We don’t have her contact details but this is where they sell vegetables:

Address: Beside Sampradaya Sweets, Srinagar Colony, Banjara Hills.


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