A Frustated Guy’s Guide To Go Home This Sankranthi, Without Spending A Rupee


Hallo Fraands, Meeru kuda Sankranthi holidays ki intiki vellali ani tickets book chestunnara? Ticket price chudagane ‘Oh my Orange travels’ anukunnara…Ithe welcome to the club!

Train tickets chudham ante emo.. avi already 3 months mundhu nunche book ipoyi unnai..

Bus tickets emo flight tickets ki em mathram thakkuva levu..Madhi Vijayawada, ma oorike 1500 undi ante, inka Kakinada, Tirupathi ollu ithe already paadha yatra ki ready ipovali.

Mari intha baadha lo burra pani cheyaka, Intiki vellali ani edupu mathrame ostundi:

So, intiki raanu, ponu kalipi oka 3000-4000 bokka padatam khayam. Ilanti frustration lo dabbulu kharchu avvakunda, intiki theeskelle vaallu undale kani, elaganna velipodaniki ready ga unnam manam, so fraands, here I have compiled a few ways to go home without spending a rupee, have a look:


1. Take cycle from Hyderabad to your home town, you might not look as heroic as Chitti Babu, but 2-3 days lo intiki ithe velipotharu.


2. Special option, only for Godavari people though!


3. Don’t even think of taking a road-bike trip, you’re not CM Bharat, and you don’t have a girlfriend. (Sad reaxx only)


4. PUBG lo MVP gurinchi telidhu kani, Sankranthi time lo Most Valuable Player mathram, that one friend who has a car. Diesel eh kottistharo, sweets eh thinipistaro, He is the only hope for us.


5. I wish we had skates like Chitti


6. And wings like this Bulliguvaaa..I mean, PakshiRaju


7. And the energy and Will-power of this random-young-uncle..


8. You can also go by Air, if you’re Balayya.. just saying.


9. Last but not least, you can also randomly sneak-in under any truck. Because intiki povadam is the biggest priority right now.


10. Tholi Prema would never have happened during Sankranthi, because, Varun would never have boarded the train because of the crowd. #NoPrema


Idhantha Sarcasm ani inka arthamkaka, comments section lo ‘Reeyyy Admeeen‘ ani oche vallu, may god bless you all.



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