9 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Sankranthi!


Sankranti, one of the most awaited festival of India, marks the returning of new harvest. The reason is shared amongst various cultures and traditions, all of which have their own way of celebrating the festival. The below list consists of facts which establish the that this Festival of Kites, has no geographical boundaries or cultural and language restrictions. Read On….


1. There are 12 Sankrantis In a Single Year!!
The word Sankranti comes from the Sanskrit word Samkranti, which means transition of Sun from one Rashi to other. Hence, it’s not just one Sankranti, but 12 of them. Hell Yeah!! More Holidays for us.



2. Ever Heard Of Sankranti On 31st December?
Yup. Sankranti fell exactly on New Years Eve. This happened a thousand years ago. Movement of Earth’s Axis results in such time shift. Again, More reasons to party. Wait a sec!! But then No Sankranti Holidays. Sad times, Bro!!



3. Sankranti Is called “Pi Ma Lao” as well !!
As it were, Sankranti on the same day is celebrated in many countries in South-Asia, by many names. Thailand ( Songkran ), Myanmar ( Thingyan ) and Laos ( Pi Ma Lao ). “Wishing Happy and Joyful ‘Pi Ma Lao’ to You and Your Family”



4. Sankranti is the best day to…..DIE !!
Beeshma in Mahabharata, who has the boon of choosing the time of his death, opts for this day, as it ensured him safe passage to Heavens without getting injured, as the Sun God moves away from Earth’s path to meet Shani ( Saturn ). So you know, additional benefit.



5. Day and Night are finally Equal !!
Makara Sankranthi, from ancient times is believed to be an Equinox ( The Day has exactly the same number of hours as Night ). This is where the Winter ends and Summer begins. Equal work Equal Sleep, at-least for one day, Man !!



6. A Ritual Of Children Calling Black Crows :
In Uttarakhand, Sankranti is celebrated with children being made to worn vegetable garlands and left in open fields, to sing and ask Black Crows to return home. This is to mark the migration of Birds back home after Winter.



7. Concept of 13 Gifts :
A practise for women in Rajasthan, on this day is to gift a household item to exactly 13 married women. It is basically done to strengthen relationships and cultural bonds between trading families.



8. Kite Flying is Good For Health :
Vedic sciences introduced Kite flying to us, because On this day Sun is considered to be in it’s new phase and is loaded with highest amount of Vitamin D. Therefore purpose is for both play and health.



9. Story Of Sankarasura :
Sankranti in Maharashtra is celebrated to mark the defeat of Sankarasura, an unruly demon in the valley of Vindya Hills, in the hands of Goddess Saraswathi. Fun Fact : Goddess Saraswathi killed only one soul ever, and that is this guy!!



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