If You Haven’t Seen Sankara Sastry’s Tweets Yet, Then You Are Missing Out In Life!

Who doesn’t know the Sankara Sastry of the national award winning Shankarabharanam movie!? He was a devout, strict and mega-ethical person who… well, would have been very interesting to deal with in the current world. Turns out that someone was imaginative enough to parody this great person into a Twitter account!

Sankara Sastry cracked us up with his reactions to the Brashtupattina prapancham.
1. Contemporary culture?! How dare you, Bhrashturala!!

2. Sassy Sastry for you.

3. Sastry knows what’s up!


4. Trends mean nothing to Sastry!

5. Sastry wears a Pancha, but he knows how to accessorize.

6. We feel you, Sastry bro!

7. The sass is strong in this one.

8. *slow clap*

BONUS gif! ‘Coz Sastry’s reactions are priceless.

These tweets made us LOL and if they got you grinning too then follow the Sastry dude for more!

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