Watched Sanju ? Then You Can’t Afford To Miss These ROFL Tollywood GIFs


Ever wondered about the impact of a 150-minute showreel on the audience? Well, Raj Kumar Hirani’s latest directorial ‘Sanju’ is a classic example of the same. Besides minting crores of money at the box office, the film has also been successful in transforming the public image of Sanjay Dutt from Sanju Baba to Sai Baba. Leaving Sanju on its mission, let’s now try to recreate some of the scenes in the movie using our Tollywood GIFs, for fun.


Sanju, Anushka Sharma tho konchem polite ga matladu!

Sanju: “Phaad dhi… Vaat lag gayi..”!

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Sanju narrating about the extramarital affairs he had to Anushka Sharma…

Prostitutes ni exclude chesthe oka 308 varaku untaru. Round figure 350 eskondi. Pulihora Ka Baap award ichethara?

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Ruby: Where is my bloody Mangalsutra?


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Sanju running out of the rehabilitation center…

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Sanju after reaching his friend Kamli’s home…

Naalugu rojuluga parigeduthune unna, konchem Whisky poyandi!

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An excited Kamli preparing for his first date with a girl…

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And when Sanju played a spoilsport on the day of his date…

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Sanju’s drug peddler friend could’ve consumed costly narcotic drugs along with Sanju at free of cost, but he rather chose Glucon-D as the substitute. Simplicity level: 999999

Indlu kattetodiki illu untadha? Sheppulu kuttetodiki sheppulu untaya? Maa bathukulu kuda anthe saaru! 🙁

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Anushka Sharma after realizing that Sanju is a convict in Mumbai serial blasts case…

Nenu raayanu… Mingeyy!

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Hey, wait! How many of you feel that our own Bandla Anna very much deserves a biopic like Sanju? Why not? Here are his qualifications:

– Lead actor in adult movies ✔
– Side actor in hit movies ✔
– Producer of big-ticket movies ✔
– Connections with underworld ✔ (Naa meeda Eega vaaladhu saar. Ee Nayeem lu, Bayeem lu mana daggara nadavavu! )
– Dosthi with big shots✔ (Vaaram lo Trumpu tho photo dhigala?)
– Controversial AF ✔ (Ask Sachin Joshi)
– Witty in & out✔
– Convicted in various false cheating cases, cheque bounce cases ✔

You define your own metrics for versatility, he’s already achieved a level above that. One man… Many lives!


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