Here’s Why You Need To Stay At This 219 Year Medak Jail For A Night!


How bad do you need a holiday? Well maybe not a long vacation since we are done with all the long weekends. A weekend getaway is definitely on the cards. But where do you go is the big question? Sure, people will flock to a nice hill station or a pilgrim town maybe. Well, we have a crazy suggestion for you, if you’re up for the task. How about spending a night or two in a JAIL?

Yes, you read that right, a Jail! How many of you have wondered what the life of a jail inmate looks like? Ok, maybe very few. But you can’t deny that the idea is alluring. The district jail at Sangareddy, in the Medak district of Telangana has come up with a unique idea to ensure that regular citizens get a taste of what prison life looks like if they so choose.

For a fee of just Rs 500 per night, you can be a guest at this “Jail Museum” and have a complete ‘Behind-The-Bars’ experience. You will even be dressed up in jail clothing and even get the standard bedding, steel mug, steel glass, steel plate complete with toilet and washing soaps. The food however, will not be the ‘jail regular’ that we see in movies. The timings however, are totally jail-like.

So plan your weekend adventure well this time. You can hit the amusement parks any day of the week. How many people can say that they have had an actual Jail experience, even for a day? (assuming you have no interest in a life of crime) Time to pack your bags?


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