9 Qualities In Hero’s Character From Sammohanam That This Generation Guys Are Lacking


SO its been a while since Sammohanam released. I think, now is a good time to talk about it, as most you have watched it. In this continuous race of commercial movies, Sammohanam was definitely a breath of fresh air. There are so many underlying gems present in the movie, that I felt, went unnoticed. Mohan Krishna Indraganti is a masterpiece in making the guy next door stories (be it Ashta Chemma, Golkonda High School or Sammohanam). The hero’s character (Vijay) is something to talk about. There are so many things about him, that today’s generation guys (not all, but a few) are lacking. Have a look.

P.S: Of course, Spoilers ahead.


1. Doesn’t talk much. Talks only when it is highly needed. Calm & composed in nature.


2. In a ‘Rat-Race’ generation like today, Chose ‘Fine Arts’ over Engineering.


3. Doesn’t run behind money. Rather follows his passion, and got his book published from his favorite, vintage publisher.


4. Whatever he speaks, speaks his heart out.


5. Not into ‘Bae, gOoD nIgHt SwEet hEaRt..’ kind of cheesy messages.


6. Found the definition of ‘true love’ in his Grandmother’s love story.


7. Did not go into ‘Devadas mode’ after love rejection. And respects other person’s opinions.


8. Prioritizes the value between work and family time perfectly. Spends good and healthy amount of time with his Mom & Dad.


9. A well read ‘Telugu’ person who respects his mother tongue.


Basically, He is the good boy of 2018.


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