10 Reasons Why Hyderabad’s Salar Jung Museum Can Make You Fall In Love With Art!

Located on the Southern bank of Musi River, this picturesque building stands tall and proud. Salar Jung III who was known for his eccentric lifestyle started collecting artifacts from all over the world after stepping away from the position of Prime Minister. The museum itself started in 1951 by a government-appointed committee after the death of Salar Jung III. History aside, here are 10 reasons why it is a must visit this amazing source of art which stands at par with Victoria and Albert Museum in London:
1. It is India’s third largest museum spreading across 2 floors and 38 galleries.
2. It holds the record for having the largest one-man collection of antiques in the world.
Salar Jung, the Third.
3. The building itself is a piece of art with its big airy cellars and balconies. The round staircases make you feel like you are part of a period drama.

4. The Musical Clock may not be amusing enough for an adult anymore, but for a first timer it is still a treat to watch. Considering the age and time it was built, the intricate mechanical work and its mere beauty are applaud-worthy.
5. The Quran Collection is exquisite and world renowned, as it is written in different fonts using gold and silver. It makes you fall in love with calligraphy.
6. Italian sculptor Benzoni’s Veiled Rebecca is another highlight, which depicts the artist’s supernatural skill at chiseling marble to look like a thin, transparent veil on a woman’s face.
7. Coming to India, the museum houses Raja Ravi Varma’s rare paintings, Tipu Sultan’s wardrobe, Aurangzeb’s sword, and great amounts of warrior weaponry and guns.
A stone-studded sword, which belonged to Aurangazeb.
8. A complete room dedicated to Jade embedded daggers and cutlery along with a tiffin box embedded with gold and diamonds allows the viewer a glimpse into the past of our once luxurious lifestyle.
9. Another sculpture that immediately catches your attention is the wooden sculpture named Mephistopheles, which is a double statue, carved out of a single piece of wood. Taken from a famous book by Goethe, it makes the child in you really happy.
10. Paintings starting from Indian miniature art to Oriental art leave visitors spell bound. A special mention for the extraordinary French Gallery with works from Canaletto to Matteini.
Everything said, visit it only if you are a patient person and since it’s an art museum do not go near it if you aren’t “artsy”. And if you are someone who needs exercise go, you’ll burn some calories while rejuvenating some brain cells. Okke debbaki rendu pittalu annatu.

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