Sadhana Forest – A Program That Makes You Experience The Beauty Of Life In A Forest, Literally

Contributed By Divya Vattikuti

There are so many ecological projects around the world, alaantidhe ee Sadhana forest. Sadhana Forest is a reforestation and water conservation project as well as a sustainable living community located in Auroville, South India. What the Sadhana forest community is more or less like  discovering an ancient tribe, deep in the forest, unspoiled by modern society, while at the same time putting modern knowledge and technical skill to use in order to live sustainably and compassionately.

Almost antharinchipotunna oka adavini  oka bunch of people restore chesi, akkada oka chinna community hall build chesi, akkada sustainable living practice chestu, akkadiki vacche volunteers ki sustainable life ela lead cheyyocchu ani cheppede Sadhana forest community.

Why should you go there?

This place is about Sadhana, a ‘discipline or practice undertaken in pursuit of a higher goal or spiritual practice’. If you are looking to shift to a sustainable lifestyle, going to Sadhana forest helps you learn a lot and let you understand and experience a sustainable life close to nature. What Sadhana forest promotes is to lead a peaceful life that doesn’t harm the mother earth and nature. They explain how every minute detail of our lifestyle impacts the nature in a direct or indirect way. In the forest there you get to see a sustainable lifestyle that includes vegan organic local food, solar energy, biodegradable toiletries, riding bicycles, food composting, zero-waste, alternative natural construction, compost toilets, water-efficient handwashing, shower and laundry stations.

Simple ga chepplanate, technology intha update avvakamundhu mana ancestors life ela lead chesaaro alaanti lifestyle untundhi Sadhana forest lo. Alaanti lifestyle follow avvalsina avasaram emiti ani adigithe, daaniki samadhaanam currently manam mana nature ki chestunna damage which is causing serious effects like global warming. Ilaane continue aithe our next generation can’t enjoy the natural resources like we do. So there is a need to slow down, shift to more eco friendly, renewable sources.

How to get involved

There are no specific rules and application process. You can always go and checkout the forest if you are around Auroville, and if you decide to volunteer, then the minimum required stay is 2 days, for which you just need to inform the team of Sadhana forest with the contact details available on their website.  But there are certain community guidelines to be followed in the forest premises including that the Community members should not smoke cigarettes, use drugs, or drink alcohol, inside or outside of Sadhana Forest, during their entire stay.  Sadhana forest also exist in Haiti and Kenya.

If you wish to contribute, mail us at


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