Meet The Hyderabadi Motion Graphic Designer Who’s Behind The Quirky Visuals Of #PSPK25!


Motion graphics is the new big thing that is driving the entertainment industry. It is literally everywhere, you can see it in TV shows, movies, music events and several other places. Be it the blockbuster movie “Baahubali” or International Tv series “Game Of Thrones” motion graphics sure does have a lot to offer to the movie industry. The recently released “Baitikochi Choosthe” song from #PSPK25 also had some quirky visuals. Apart from regular lyrics and random images, this video had unique motion graphics enhancing the theme of the song and one Hyderabadi is behind the amazing motion graphics.


Here’s the story of an internationally acclaimed motion graphic designer “Subash Sree (Saboo Mannem) a 27-year-old Hyderabadi who is revolutionizing our way of seeing the regular things and enhancing the visual world. Let us explore his amazing world of motion.


Saboo has pursued his studies in IACG, JNTU and also has an M.A. degree in motion design from “Savannah College of Art and Design” and he has worked with several international and national companies. He was a semi-finalist in Adobe Awards for the category “Social Impact – Video Editing/Post-Production/Animation/Motion Graphics” and was listed as a finalist in “The Rookies” awards for “Game Of The Year” category to his video UN{DEAD}


From working titles for movies to videos and visual arts, here’s a sneak peek into few of his works:



He is currently working as a Senior Designer and Visual Artist at the international music festival “Ultra Music Festival (UMF) and has also recently worked for the much-awaited Telugu song “Baitakochi Chusthe” song of #PSPK25. The lyrics and visual art in this video are enough proof that he is sure going to make big in this field.


You can follow him on instagram here and checkout his website here. And you can see his full portfolio here.


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