People Are Going Crazy Over Saaho’s Action Sequences & Here Are People Behind It


Saaho, social media lo ekkada chusine ee movie gurinche discussion antha. 2 years pre production and 2 years shoot complete chesukuni, oka high budget tho, some never-before-seen action sequences tho audience ni awestruck cheyyataniki ee 30th na release authundhi ee movie. Ee action sequences achieve cheyyataniki world lone the top most stunt choreographers / Action directors ee movie ki work chesaru. So, Here are some interesting insights about the film and it’s action directors.


Kenny Bates

He is one of the senior most stunt coordinator and stunt performer in Hollywood. 1977 lo CHiPSane TV Series lo stunt performer ga career start chesi, ee 42 years lo over 177 movies ki work chesaru.


1989 lo release aina Star Trek V: The Final Frontier lo Captain Kirk ki stunt double ga chesi, Yosemite National Park loni El Capitan meedha nunchi 320 foot High fall stunt ( Using Descender Rig )perform chesaru. At that time it was the highest fall performed by a stuntman wearing a descender rig and Movie end lo “Highest Descender Fall Recorded in the United States” ane special credit kuda Ken ki iccharu.

Watch the Video From 4 min 25 sec.


Aa taruvatha kuda chala movies lo stunt performer ga chesina, Kenny ki thana biggest break, well-known director & Hollywood’s Rohit Shetty mana Michael Bay sir tho Bad Boys movie ki Stunt Coordinator ga associate ayyaka vacchindhi. Appatinunchi ee combo ‘ The Rock ‘, ‘ Con Air ‘, ‘ Armageddon ‘, ‘ The Island ‘, ‘ Transformers ‘ etc movies varuku continue aindhi..inka authundhi.


The Island movie lo high octane car chase sequence ki Kenny, oka Unique camera vehicle ne design chesesadu. It’s called The Bates Cart. It’s a state-of-the-art, high-speed go-cart, on which a remote controlled camera could be mounted on the front or rear & it’s able to smoothly accelerate from zero to 130 miles per hour without shifting.

He is the one who supervised the Car chase sequence of Saaho in Abu Dhabi, where a lottt of cars …even Trucks got destroyed. He is also overseeing the Italian Military Helicopter sequence in the movie.


Peng Zhang

2003 lo The Bulletproof Monk movie lo Stunt Double ga career start chesi, ippativaruku over 30 movie ki various stunt departments lo work chesaru. His most renowned works include ‘ The Twilight Saga’ and ‘ Ant Man ‘. He also worked for films like Kingsman, Kick-Ass, Rush Hour-3 and Transporter 2.


He also made his directorial debut with the movie ‘ Asura‘, which was China’s most expensive movie ever made at that time with a budget of over $110 million (750 million yuan).


According to Deccan Chronicle & The Quint,
The eight-minute long action-packed climax is choreographed by Peng Zhang. A set resembling a ruined place was erected on a 10-acre land and special black soil was strewn over it to give it an authentic desert look. A team of 100 fighters from across the globe were hired for a larger-than-life action sequence involving Prabhas and the baddies. It cost Rs 70 crore.


Dhilip Shubbarayan

Khakee ‘ movie ante manaki first gurthocchedhi adhuloni staggering action sequences, main ga movie second-half lo vacche bus chase. Moving bus lu car latho antha risky stunt ela pull-off chesaro ani astonish avvani vadu undadu. Antha crazy action sequence ni choreograph chesindhi Dhilip Shubbarayan.

Inthe kadhu 2010 lo thana career start chesi Vikram Vedha ( All the action Sequences ), Theri, Jilla, Aaranya Kaandam ( Won Vijaya Award for Best Stunt Director), Thani Oruvan, Viswasam ( Rain Fight ), Kaala ( Rain – Bridge Fight ) etc lanti enno famous Tamil movies ki stunt choreographer ga work chesaru.

Watch the video from 6 min


His father Super Subbarayan is also a renowned stunt choreographer. Dhilip ki first nunchi oka pilot avvalani undedhi,but Vijay act chesina Thamizhan movie chusaka films loki ravalani decide ayyadu. He learnt martial arts & he got a proper training in script writing and film making too. Pushkar-Gayathri, the directors of Vikram Vedha were actually his project coordinators in college, valla first film Oram Po ki action assistant ga work chesaru. He also made his production debut with the movie Anjala (2016).

Saaho movie lo Dhilip ‘ Castle Fight ‘ sequence ni choreograph chesaranta.


Stunt Silva

Era puli..‘ ani ‘ Yamadonga‘ movie lo mana Jr.NTR recchagottedhi manode. Gurthocchada ?? Anthe kadhu bhayyo aa fight choreograph chesindhi kuda Silva ne. And ee fight lage Doctor avvali anukuni oka stunt choreographer ga edhigina thana journey kuda anthe crazy ga untundhi.


Tuticorin lo Ward Boy nunchi Vijaya Hospital lo nurse ga pani chesthunappudu oka dance master advice lo background dancer ga cherina Silva ki, aa dance cheyyataniki kuda Union Card rakapovatam valla dabbula kosam beach daggara unna oka school lo basic stunt skills nerchukuni Peter Hein daggara assistant ga cheradu.

Aparichithudu movie lo Vikram ki stunt double ga chesadu. Yamadonga taruvatha Gambler, 2.0, Oppam, Lucifier lanti enno movies ki stunt choreographer ga work chesaru. For Saaho Stunt Silva is overseeing the Mumbai traffic scuffle and the Europe resort encounter fight sequences.


Stefan Richter

Ee German stunt choreographer, 1994 lo Notruf ane TV Series tho Stunt driver ga career start chesinaa… thana most notable works anni Bollywood ( Don 2, Kick, Dishoom, Shivaay ) lone chesadu. Ee year release aina URI : The surgical Strike movie lo anni action sequences Stefan ae design chesi choreograph chesadu. He also worked as an action director for our Sukku’s 1-Nenokkadine. He’s going to work for RX100 remake as well.



He is a professional parachutist and In 2007 he was recognized by the Taurus World Stunt Awards ( Yes! ivi kuda unnayi ) with an award for ‘Best Action in a Foreign Film ‘ for his work on ‘Alarm For Cobra 11’.


Bob Brown

Hello movie lo Akhil babu nela meedha ekkuva undaledhante daaniki kaaranam mana Bob Brown babai ae. Be it park-hour scenes or High falls, Fire Burn sequences..he is a master of it. He is a world champion high diver and trampolinist. Terminator 2 lo Robert Patrick ki stunt double ga chesthu thanu perform chesina stunt ni one of the riskiest and best bike stunt anutuntaru.


Dabbula kosam blood donate chese stage nunchi ippudu of the the best stunt coordinator ga edhigina Bob 32 year career lo enno movies ki various departments lo work chesadu. His recent works include XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, Pixels, San Andreas, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Lone Ranger, Modern Family, Transformers: Dark of the Moon etc.


He won 2 Taurus World Stunt Awards. One in 2002 in the category Best Driving for his work on the action thriller Swordfish & the other in 2011 in the category Best High Work on the science fiction prequel Predators. And he is

He designed a gun fight sequence in Saaho


Ram – Lakshman

Telugu audience ki peddhaga parchiyam akkarleni duo. Manam whistles vesi, claps kotti enjoy chesina enno mass movies ki two decades nunchi fights compose chesaru, chesthune unnaru ee talented twins. Ippatiki ee duo Best fight master category lo 5 times Nandi Awards geluchukunnaru ( Arya, Andhrudu, Dhee, Ride & Legend ) which is the most wins by any stunt choreographer. Ram Laxman has directed the Lal Bungalow confrontation scene for Saaho.


Industry lo valla journey gurinchi ‘ The Hindu ‘ ki icchina interview lo ila chepparu
A huge boulder was our first guru. It was lying in the middle of the village and people were pondering over removing it some day. We were 18 years then, we lifted it and threw it aside; that’s when the villagers took note of our strength for the first time. The incident was a testimony to our willpower and confidence. We would take out the goats for grazing, and would be dressed in lungis; when the opportunity to compose fights for the movies arrived, we were delighted not because of the job but the chance to move out of the village and wear pants. Fight master Raju supported us and we bought trousers for Rs. 70 for the first time.


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