Russia Debba, Stock Market Abba: Chepkoleni Struggles & Aanandalu Every Investor Will Relate To During This War Crisis


Arey Russia Ukraine madyalo war aythundi ra..?

My friend:

Aythe stocks lo invest chesedham ra.. Market value thakkuvga untundi..

Evadi gola vadidhe ante ento anukunna mowa, ippudu ardham aythundi.. Akkada Russia Ukraine madhya lo war aythundi ra ani ante ikkada manavallu thakkuva value ki padipoindi ani investments start chesthunnaru, so matter ipaatike ardham ayindi anukunta, if you are a investor or planning for investing, ee article mana kosame, oh look eyandi guruvu garu..

Russia debba.. Stock market abbhaaa..

Akkada switch vesthe ikkada bulb veliginattu, Russia lo war aythunte ikkadda mana stock market effect aythundi, everything is interlinked ante idhenemo mowa..

Unna vallaki dhandaga.. Kothavallaki pandagaaa

Okavaipu already invest chesina vallaki all of sudden ga with in hours lo money loss aythe, inkovaipu kothaga invest chedham anukuntunna vallaki aythe market value low undi kabati the best time to invest ani rechipothunnaru mowa..

Investors who are losing their money in this war crises

New investors who are planning to invest in stock market at low value

Me & my brother discussing about stocks & crypto investment.

Meanwhile My Mom:

Ah 8ball pool and ludo edho pakkaki velli adukondi ammaaa


Me by seeing my portfolio

My non investor friend to me:

Eh raaaaa… Stocks antha loss anta gaaaa

My friend who takes appu from me and invests in crypto:

Me to my friend, who forced me to invest in stock market yesterday..

Balancing by new investment..

My friend:

Ippudu ee loss ni cover cheyali ante nuvu malla kothaga invest cheyi mowa, konni days lo neeku returns vasthai..


Me and my bois after investing all our savings into stock market..

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