Jusht Driving License Muchatlu: Things You’ll Face In RTA Office When You Go For Driving License

Bike thisthe chalu bayata mana police uncles first adigedi okate license unda thammudu ani, sarey ika age undi driving kuda vachindi ani license ki apply chesa, ika slot booking nunchi RTA office dhaka anni stunts eh, so matter ipatike ardham ayindi kadha, oh look eyandi mowa.

Me who went for a ride without driving license, police uncles:

After some cute coatings from police uncles, me decided to take driving license and going to RTA office.

Me who went to RTA office with one Aadhar Card.

“Driving license kavali uncle naaku”

RTA officer:

Me after knowing the whole process of license application.

Endi ithuntadhaaaaa @#$%

Me and my family waiting/searching/refreshing the official site for booking my Learning License slot.

Me going to RTA office with all the proper documents.

RTA uncle who scolded me last time:

RTA staff clicking photos with system webcam.

Me standing in front of their monitors.

Me writing Learning License test in RTA office

Me after taking the learning license.

Intha easy ani mundhu thelisthe lorry license kuda apply chesevallam kadha

Me again going to RTA office after 1 month for permanent license

That RTA office:

Raa raa battuu raa, vachi 8 and H drive chesi chupinchu.


RTA officer:

License kavali ante driving vachundali marii

Me who can’t drive the 8 and H cuts, and requesting the RTA officer to grant my license application.

RTA officer:

Inko 1 month tharvatha vachi malli ee drives chesi chupinchi license thisko, over action cheyakuuu

My jugad friend having driving license who don’t know how to drive.


Arey niku antha easy ga license ela vachindi ra, niku car driving eh radhu kadhaa?

My friend:

Reason, you know.. You know guruvu garu.

Mee driving license experiences ni kuda kindha comments lo share cheyandi prendsss.

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