In Conversation with ASSA Director RSJ Swaroop on Nostalgia and Film Making Journey On Daaba Mucchatlu…

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What inspires you to write a story?

For me the thought should be very Unique. I love placing fictional characters in realistic world. I like realistic films , but I prefer not to make them. I like Fiction Film Making.

Childhood Fascination towards Cinema

SrihariKota lo chaduvukune dagarlo theatres kuda undevi kadhu , Source of movies was a large Open Air theatre where week ki oka movie vese vallu anthe , and vere languages vallu undadam tho hindi , kannada ala vese vallu , Month ki okkasari matram telugu cinema padedhi , We used to wait for that week. Theatre ki velli chusina first movie nak ooha telisaka Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari. Nellore lo subha lagnam movie last 30 min chusi I was crying, ala chinnapati nunde that love was always there.


Tirupathi lo 10 mandhi lo 9 members Chiranjeevi gari fans ye , so pedha fan wars undevi kadhu , But Engineering Vellore lo chesa , So apudu akada locals dagara Chiru vs Rajni Debates ayyevi , Ma odu cinema thop ante ma odi cinema thopu ani , Ma hero stories ivi , Inni centres adayi Night start ayithe discussions morning 4 varaku nadichevi. Ippudante Gross and Share tho polusthunaru apudu Super Hot Magazine lo Enni Centres enni days ani chuskuni compare cheskoni satisfy ayye vallam.

Chandra Sekhar Yeleti Movies

Anukokunda okaroju is my most favourite film in Telugu , 2001 lo Aithe Film chusi , I thought it was a game changer , Heroes Market tho nadiche films sudden ga e type of movie ochi 100 days kottadam tho my thought of films changed.I loved Chandra Sekhar Yeleti garu films . Oka Telugu cinema different states vallaki garvanga ma cinema ani chupinchindhi Anukokunda oka roju

What is Cinema to you ?

For me Films are the ones that make me happy , I love myself when Im doing films , That is why I started film making , When you love yourself when youre doing something , make that as your profession

Film Club Experiences

2013 lo In Infosys we have a inner Film Club (DMT). We used to have different language Kannada , Marathi , Tamil inka chala  persons in the Club, So akada nundi Different Languages of Films and Short Films ki work cheyadam and also the Club Founder Prabhu Garu was Co -Director to Karthik Subbaraju while working with Jigarthanda and Pizza , His Stories inspired a lot . Aa film club valla my perspective of Film Making changed , The execution and learning chala lessons nerchukunanu. We used to go to many Short Film Festivals and won a few.

Intro to World Cinema

Until 2016 there are few western and World Cinema , After moving to US , My Only Companion was Films , then Netflix lo I started exploring world cinema and I loved it.

Perspective about Culture

Meeting new people, Moving new places , we can learn a lot from the culture. US ki move ayinapudu ekuva adjust avvalekapoya but that 6 months taught me how to be with myself , I started enjoying my Own Company , Understood People’s thoughts , Na patience level perigindhi . Nellore ayina , Tamil Nadu ayina US Ayina somehow places taught me many things.

Connection to Cinema

Nenu first pani chesina company pettindhi KV Reddy gari koduku , somehow it was fascinating , We used to hear stories of how KV reddy garu Company pettaru and all . And also Chinnapudu ma thathagaru oka journal maintain chese vallu , out of curiosity when I read I enjoyed it and it was really inspiring. Apudu Ma thathagaru , Singeetham Srinivas Rai and Gollapudi Maruthi Rao Garu Roommates , a discussions anni cheppevaru.

Short Film vs Feature Film Experiences

Short Films lo Time Constrain undadhu, But Film Runs on Call Sheets and breaks anni tiseso 6 hours undevi , Schedule is very importart in Feature Film. Feature Film has to deal with a whole set of 80-100 but short films ala kadhu , 3-4 tho kuda tiseyachu . You need a strong direction team to keep the set non –chaotic. Set entha sorted unte , short antha clear and easy avuthundi .

Moving forward in career ? Carrer changing decision to come into films

It didn’t happen in a moment , It was a 3 year preparation . Industry ki velle mundhe I decided to get prepared , 2014 lo decide ayyanu but melliga short films , Advertisemnets alane vere crafts annitlo I had experience. It wasn’t a momentary decision, It developed through years and Finally oka nammakam ochaka I had quit my Job in 2017 and entered into Feature Films.

Parents Support and how did you explain?

Parents ki direct ga cheppaledhu , melliga Hints isthu undevadni , 2016 lo quit cheddam annapudu I got a US offer and then I thought oka 6-8 months gattiga sampadisthe I can be financially stable for 3 years and velli chesa. Akada velli films loki vellalani decide ayinaka , Intlo manesthunna oka 3 years try chesi okavela kudarakapothe malli USA vellipotha ani cheppanu.Intlo pressure unte you can give your 100% to your work , So I made sure that they are comfortable.

Thoughts on Criticism ?

Ill definitely repsect constructive criticism. I read each and every review and Ill get to know the positives and negatives. Ill take the lessons to next film , adho top of the mind untayi but I wont let them affect my work. Vititho patu there is also some random fake criticism , But oka point ayyaka I got the clarity , edhi tiskovali edhi tiskokudadhu ani.

Favourite Cartoon & Childhood TV Shows

I used to watch Tom & Jerry and apatlo ETV lo vache Tv Serials kuda chuse vadni

Chitra Lihari,Lady detective sneha, Popula Petti, Antharangalu, Vasundara, Hasyam and Yours Lovingly

Paina points anni episode ki chaala chinna text cut matrame, but we can assure you a fun filled , informative talk full video lo. Ipudu Industry lo New age film makers valla struggles and valla journeys , childhood moments anni capture cheyadame main point . So velli chuseyandi.

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Concept by Arey Avi

Hosted By Pavan Chelamkuri

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