Covid Treatment For 10 Rupees: This Hyderabad Doctor Treats The Poor & Jawans

“God can not come for us all the time that’s why he sent doctors for us.”

Ee tough times lo manam kastha safe and hope tho unnam ante adhi only Doctors vallane, virus ki dhooram ga undali antune vallu dhagaraga undi manalni save chesthunnaru.. Antha goppavallalo oka mahanubavudu poor people ki kastam kakunda undali ani affordable price only Rs 10 thiskoni manchi treatment ni provide chesthunnaru..

Evari ee 10 Rs Doctor..? Ekkada untaru..?

Dr Victor Emmanuel garu mana Hyderabad Boduppal lo 2018 nunchi clinic lo poor patients ki just Rs 10 tho treatment isthunnaru, specific ga society lo economically down classes lo low unnavarki best treatment ivvali ane motive thone clinic ni start chesi service chesthunnaru..

People with a white ration card or a food security card are charged this fee while soldiers are provided free treatment.

Mana ration card or food security card chupisthe kevalam 10 Rs charge tho manaki elanti samasya unna dhaniki thaggatu best treatment istharu, mana army solidiers ki aythe ah charge kuda lekunda free ga manchi treatment isthu service chesthunnaru..

Dr Victor Emmanuel garu said that:

 “I started this clinic with the sole purpose of serving the needy and offering them affordable treatment. Under this, we have identified few sections of the society who are economically deprived and who hold food security cards or white ration cards. Apart from them, we provide the same service to farmers, acid attack survivors, orphans, specially-abled people and even jawans and their family members.”

Dr Emmanuel garu treats people for various diseases like diabetes, cardiac-related issues, nerves-related issues and other general ailments.

Anthe kadhu poor people ki lab tests and medicines ki ekkuva kakunda dhaniki kuda efforts petti almost thakuvga ayelane chustharu, bayata ee covid patients nunchi heavy fee’s thiskuntunna ee tough situations lo valla medications and home isolation kosam covid patients dhagara kuda just 10 Rs eh charge chesthunnaru..

Daily average ga more than 100 patients ki treatment isthunnaru..

General time lo daily around 100 patients varaku clinic lo treatment thiskune vallu, but ippudu ee covid time lo more than 140 + patients daily clinic ki vasthunnaru, konni sarlu mid nights varaku kuda patients kosam treatment chesthu undipotharu..

For the patients and By the patients.

Starting lo mari Rs 10 ke treatment ante evaru nammevallu kadhu anta, people kuda hesitate aye vallu, but slow ga treatment and manchi cause ni ardham cheskoni people started coming treated.

Why not free..? Why 10 Rs..?

Meekuda ilanti doubt eh vasthadi ani anukunna, thanu 10 rs tho kakunda free ga kuda treatment cheyochu but janalaki oka mercy untadi ani vallani free ga chusthunnaru ane guilty undadhu ani valla comfortable ga afford chesela ee Rs 10 treatment ani start chesaru, valla self respect ki safe guard laga happy ga Rs 10 pay chesi treatment thiskoni smile tho bayataki veltharu..

Over the last one year, the clinic has treated over 20,000 to 25,000 Covid patients.

That incident has changed his perspective..

Okasari oka poor old women hospital bayata beg chesthu kanipinchindi, thana husband ah hospital lo ICU lo serious ga unnaru, athani treatment kosam thana husband ni save cheskovali ani bayata money kosam beg chesthu ah musalavida thiruguthundi.. Ee situation Dr Victor garini change chesindi, ah incident ni chusi life lo poor and needy vallaki serve cheyali ani decide ayyaru.

Thana wife kuda doctor avvadam tho ee manchi cause ki thana family and friends andharu supporting ga untu nadipisthu unnaru..

He further said that during the pandemic, the clinic is trying to feed the poor and needy under the banner of “Sneha Hastham”. He also said that they are about to open a charitable hospital to extend the ₹ 10 treatment to a much larger number of people.

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