Despite Lockdown, This 85 Year Old Woman Is Selling ₹1 Idly So That Migrant Workers Are Fed


‘Lockdown is not the same for everyone.’

Mana chuttu ne ee lockdown raka rakaala people ni raka rakaalu ga affect chesindi. Kontha mandhi manchiga intlo padukoni memes and movies binge chestundachu, Mari kontha mandhi deggara basic survival ki kuda money lekapovachu. Kontha mandi monthly salary meedha completely dependent aithe, Kontha mandiki salaries padaka, Kontha mandiki small businesses nadavaka income aagipoyundachu.


Mari intha tough times lo all we can offer to a human being is little kindess anthe.

K Kamalathal ani Coimbatore lo oka 85 year old baamma garu more than 30 years nunchi ₹1 ke idly ammuthunnaru.


Kani mechukovalsina vishayam entante, Ippudu kuda, ee lockdown lo kuda aame same ₹1 ke idly ammuthunnaru, So that basic food kuda afford cheyaleni migrant workers can have a meal ani.

Ee 30 year joruney lo aame dedication chusi so many people came forward to help and volunteer her by supplying her raw materials.

Actually, Since she’s been doing this since years, She’s been in the news since years now. Anand Mahindra also tweeted about her. The last time she raised the price of idly was 15 years ago. Several people and organisations including, Bharathiar University students and members of Hindustan scouts have donated essentials to Kamalathal.


Mari ee lockdown lo Kamalathal garu just ₹1 ke Idly, Sambar and Chutney ela ivvagalugutunnaro aame matallone chudham. Here’s what she said. in an interview with India Today:

“The situation has been a little difficilt since the Corona started but I’ve been trying my best to provide the idly at ₹1. Many migrant workers are struck here and so there are many people coming. There are people who are coming and helping me too. They are providing me essentials so that I can provide idlies for ₹1.”


Ilanti people manaki chala rare ga kanipistaru. Kashtam kaalam lo veellu survive avvatame kaka, Veellatho patu oka 100 mandiki survival ivvatam ante anthakante kindest act em untundi asal.

We salute you, Kamalathal amma.


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