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Love is a widely felt Emotional state like Sadness, Anger or Hunger. If the outcome of Sadness results in tears we do not Stop it. If the Outcome of the Happiness is Smiling or Laughing or any other we do not bother to stop it. But, if the outcome of love is Physical Intimacy, Or to be more widely and wildly misinterpreted as SEX, (Yes, I told it out loud) we bother to ignore it. Isn’t Being a hypocrite to your own self unsettling ? If you say that there are many social constrains which stop one from even thinking about it, then Psst! We are not helpless.

If you share a bond with anyone and if it results in some Intimacy with a mutual consent and if you are 18 or more, then you need not worry to portray your love towards the other. YES, YOU CAN. Let us help you with that. Let us Unveil the already Unveiled.


There is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together in hotels. Choosing to stay together is a personal choice and falls under freedom of movement, which cannot be restricted”, says senior advocate Sudha Ramalingam. (Dated Nov 25, 2014)

The Hotel Association of India (HAI) that manages over 280 hotels in India says that there is no such rule that denies admission to an unmarried couple in a hotel in India.


Below are some of the Online staying(hotel/homes) platforms which could help the unmarried couples spend a time in private by finding a place in India.


1. OYO Rooms:

This is a platform which allows its users to find an affordable place to stay. This was founded in 2013 by RITESH AGARWAL.
Initially, it had failed to provide access to the unmarried couples until it launched a special option called RELATIONSHIP MODE in 2016 after it was aware of the problems faced by the Unmarried couples in India. According to the statement released, it is said that 60% of the OYO Rooms are couple friendly provided they present their Government (local) I.D.

At Present, OYO Rooms provide the same option under the filter ”OYO WELCOMES COUPLES”. Every Hotel listed in the app comes with a set of rules depending on their Hotel Management. OYO Rooms booking happens only from 12 PM to 12 PM. Any bookings between this timings will be considered as that day timings. For Example, Check out at 12PM, on 24th irrespective of the Check in time after the 12 PM on 23rd, for a day booking.(Extensions can be made)


****DONOT FORGET TO CHECK THE RULES to find “UNMARRIED COUPES ALLOWED” and book it if you find it as a good deal. Provide them with your Government I.D’s while checking in and have a Safe and a Private time. *****


2. Stay Uncle :

This is a hotel booking website especially created for the Unmarried Couples in 2015 in India by SANCHIT SETHI and BLAZE ARIZANOV.
It also provides hotel for Married Couples. This was a startup initiated to provide Unmarried Couples a safe place to spend a private time as India has no place like it unless Married.
This website, unlike others provides stay for minimal hours if wanted from 10 AM to 7 PM and 9 PM to 10 AM apart from the multiple day booking. Provide them with your Government I.D’s while checking in and have a Safe and a Private time.


3. Luvstay:

Offers budget couple friendly hotels with the same timings as STAY UNCLE.


4. airbnb:

If there is a group of Unmarried Couples wanting to spend a time together, this is the Perfect option. This follows PEER TO PEER Property Rental.
This is a platform in which HOMES (HOUSES) can be rented unlike any another platforms aforementioned, which only provide HOTEL ROOMS. We can rent any house for required days and use everything in there including the kitchen, etc.

It has a tagline, DON’T JUST VISIT, LIVE IT. So, people who are interested to rent their homes can put up their information to make it available for daily based renting. Every home has it’s rule depending on the Liberal owner. This follows an interesting interface to book a place. We contact the Owner and have a chat and then confirm the stay to unveil the exact location of the stay. Until then, only the area is shown and not the exact address. Feel free to ask the owners ANYTHING in specific and make your own deal with respect to the Rules, Restrictions, etc.


Most of the platforms have the same hotels listed if bothered about the difference between the platforms. They have some hotels in common. It is just the Hotel Management taking up interest in enrolling their Hotels in different Platforms. Just like the same Restaurants being accessible in different food delivery applications.


Simple Procedure (AGAIN) :

1. Check for the Authentic Ratings.
2. Check for the UNMARRIED COUPLES ALLOWED option.
3. Check any other restrictions in specific.
4. Provide the Government ID while entering.
5. Have a Hassle free, Safe space.


You can click Here and Here for the Blogs/Articles regarding the presence of no law against the Stay of unmarried couples staying together in India


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