Call Me Lame, But I Ran Away From ‘Rome’ The Very Next Day


Rome- Prapancham lone ee city andamainadi ani cheptunataru. Rome gurinchi rasina kavithalu, books aithe abhoo enno… Ika Rome lo teesina cinemalu sangati cheppakarledu. But for me, it wasn’t an Eat-Pray-Love story here.

I don’t know of a single travel lover who doesn’t have Rome in their bucket list and it’s justified. Rome ki antha history undi mari and Colosseum!!! Who doesn’t want to tick off a world wonder off their list? Starting from museums & art galleries to food & music there are so many things to do in Rome.

Travel is not about falling in love with every place you go. Kani Prapancham lo inni places vunte naku Rome nachalduledu choodandi….ade irony ante.


So adhi April maasam. It was already sweltering. Rome airport nundi na Hostel vunna area ki bus lo vachi, akkadnundi just 5 min walk ani na host, route map pampindi. Route sariga ardam kaka, Google maps choskuntunte, ekkadnundi vachado telidu kani Indian ? Pakistani? Bangladeshi? antuu udipadadu okadu. I’m like ‘What!!! Indian Why??

We love India, you should buy museum tickets. You are India I give you 20% discounts. Give 20 euros!! Annadu.

I said I don’t want it and I started walking but he started following offering more discount. When I finally raised my voice he stopped.

Fast ga na daarilo nene nadustunte.. inkontha mandhi.. huh! Whats going on!! Vaala restaurant ki ramani okalu, Tour package gurinchi inkokalu, Tickets konamani inkontamandi. Ila okala tarvata inkokalu addu padutune vunnaru. Valandarini vadilinchukoni na hostel ki velle sariki, nenu book cheskunna walking tour troop 10 minutes back ye velipoyaru ani telisindi 🙁

Ala modalaindi anmata Rome lo ah roju.

Chesedi emundi, Rome lo ala ala places choodamani baildera.. Colosseum chuttu Tirupati darshanam anta pedda queue vunnai. Huh!! Trevi fountain is filled with tourists tossing coins into the fountain and making wishes and photo posers pushing each other to get perfect pictures. Ika Spanish steps, ivi chala pavitramaina metlu. Kakapothe I couldn’t see much. It’s just people everywhere. Inko sari ekkadiki peak season lo velakudadu ani decide ayya.



When Shit happens:

I was damn hungry, E restaurant choosina full. There was one restaurant in the corner which was relatively free and has a river view. Staff kuda chala friendly ga matladaru. Menu lo vunna oka dish order chesanu, Kani a waiter meeru Indian kada kastha customise chesi spicy ga cheyamantara and adigadu, I happily said okay .. finally something nice is happening in Rome anukuna. Little did I Know what was going to happen after a while.
He bought the dish and asked me if I was alone, and if it’s my first time to Rome, and do I know anybody from Rome and which place I am staying. Chala normal questions laga and anpinchayi kada. Nene ala anukone pichi moham laga anni nijale cheppanu.

Bill ichadu. 80 euros!!! 80 Euros huh!! Menu lo 16 euros ani vundi.
I tried to ask why is it 80. He said, ‘You asked for Indian customisation and that is why it’s 80 Euros‘. Indian money convert cheste 6500 rupees… Shah Ghouse lo nela rojulu biriyani tinochu.

I started arguing! Appatidaka English lo matladina adhe manishi sudden ga English ranattu Italian lo argue cheyadam start chesadu. Everybody in the restaurant already started starring. ..then i came to know that he is the owner of the restaurant. I just paid the money and walked out.

My sight was blurred….Huh…..I didn’t want to stay in this city anymore.
Not just because I paid extra money. Just because I felt cheated and helpless.

I went straight back to my room and slept over this.

Next day I didn’t go anywhere!! I just hanged around the streets near my hostel, had a lot of gelato and ate Pasta. I ensured they were Pre-paid counters. I asked the Gelato store owner where do I get the best pizza in Rome, he said for best Pizza you should go to Naples. Of course Naples!! I impulsively bought a bus ticket and ran away to Naples.

Happy Ending:

Naples!!! The Intensity of the rawness of Italy’s culture was all around and the windy streets smelled like Pizza.
The Old town of the Centro Storico is dilapidated which also gives an old vintage Charm to the town.

People are open and they have an expressive body language. If the pizza is nice they give flying kisses to the pizza and express how much they loved it even when there are a dozen of people around them. The children play football on the streets and the adults argue over a football game loud on the streets, painters and artists are not confined to studios and usually take inspiration from the outdoors.

Oka vaipu nundi Patalu, inko vaipu nundi ala patakai saripoye drums, balconies lo battalu aarestu ammayilu ee patalaki stepulu.

Okka line lo chepali ante – Naples is full of life!!!

Ah tarvata Akkada unna rendu rojulo, Enni pizzas tinnano count cheyaledu (You know, strictly no guilt trips while travelling)

Ikkada football chala serious. It’s like their religion. I teamed up with a few travellers during a game and landed up in Capri upon their suggestion. I never heard of this island before. I went there without any expectations and without any preconceived images in my mind. I fell in love with this chic island almost immediately.

Located in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, it’s a small island with numerous beaches, both named and unnamed. The beaches here are cosy little coves nestled between cliffs and rocks.
The water is clear, blue and contrasts with the silvery-white sand.





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