Hey Lazy People, These Kathi Rolls On Swiggy Are Both Affordable & Super Tasty


Chinnappudu chapathi/dosa normal ga thintunte kick raaka, kura/chutney madhyalo vesi oka roll la chesi thinevallam. ROLLS ante naku gurthocche first memory idhe. Aa taruvatha Mumbai nunchi export aina ‘Frankie’ phenomenon lo kottukuni poyam. Aa taruvatha Shawarma mana favorite snack aipoyindhi. We love all of them because they are pocket friendly, tasty and convenient to eat on the go.


Presently Kathi rolls are on a roll ( pun intended )in Hyderabad, they’re taking over the other Grab-and-go markets by becoming the new foodie favorite. Ee authentic & super tasty Kolkata styled Kathi Rolls ni try cheyyali ane process lo oka kottha place discover chesam, that is ROLLS KING.

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We still treat these grab and go foods as snacks but ROLLS KING offers ‘A complete Meal-in-one rolls‘ & it is a top brand in Delhi which is famous for its Kathi Rolls. Ee kathi rolls ni crisp paratha tho wrap chestharu where as frankies and shawarmas ni mostly thin Rotis/pita lo wrap chestharu. Ee crispy wrap plus vallu offer chese various fillings and combinations choose chesukuni okka roll thinte potta full aipoddhi annamata.

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Where Did We Go & What Did We Try ?

Hyderabad loni ROLLS KING outlets ( presently 4 ) anni Swiggy exclusive ( More varieties & less pricey. More on that later ). So, memu vallu Take Away offer chese Ameerpet branch ki vellam.


Ee particular branch lo 4 different kinds of Chicken fillings offer chesaru..
( Butter Chicken ready authundhi so photo lo ledhu )


Indhulo we’ve ordered..

Chicken Hot Shot Double Egg

Roll koddhiga spicy and juicy ga undali anukunte go for this. Indhulo tandoori styled chicken ni spice mix tho marinate chesi, dhaani meedha mint sauce, mayonnaise and onions add on chesi, flaky paratha lo wrap chesi istharu…kummindhi.


Chicken Seekh Double Single Egg

This Roll is my personal favorite. Indhulo filling double untundhi. Minced chicken ni roll ga chesi grill chesi, ekkuva masala or oily ga lekunda chesaru. It is not as juicy as a frankie and not as dry as Shawarma..it balances the flavors perfectly. Adhiripoyindhi anthe!!


Chicken Tikki Double Single Egg

This roll is mildly spicy and manam alavatu padina aa masala flavor thaguluthundhi. This too has the classic mint sauce, mayonnaise and onions as add-ons wrapped in a crispy paratha.


Mix Veg Double

Ee roll lo Potato, Carrot, Paneer, Spring onions oka manchi family la set aipoyayi. Spice and Sweetness rendu balanced ga unnayi. Tomato sauce, mint sauce and mayonnaise add cheyyatam valla, and crispy paratha aa flavor inka enhance aindhi and its delicious.


Paneer Roll Double

Masala tho mix chesina paneer paina light ga karam vesi add-ons and crispy paratha lo roll chesi iccharu. Veggies ante interest undani vallu, Tuesdays and Saturdays mathrame VEG thine naalanti vallaki perfect option.


Swiggy It coz Delicious Food with Discounted Prices.

There are way more varieties and options for both VEG and NON-VEG lovers ( Roasted chicken, Bhuna Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Chicken Special, Mushroom, Soya Chap, paneer bhurji, Hara Bhara Kebab, Sweet Corn kebab etc ) on their Swiggy Menu. They also offer wide range of beverages& hey!! you get 40% discount too. So, budget lo bojja full. Also, all their branches are rated above 4.3



Amazing Packaging & Attention To Details :

First of all, Veg and Non-Veg rolls ni differentiate chesela unde ee customized paper wrap ( Veg-Green, Non-Veg-Orange ) lo roll ni wrap chesi istharu. These paper wraps are extremely easy to tear, so we don’t have to struggle a lot before taking a bite.


Secondly, Chala sarlu manam ilaanti food order icchinappudu adhi delivery ayye time ki challaripothundhi. So, ila jaragakunda mana food fresh and hot ga manaki delivery ayyela ee kathi Rolls ni oka ‘ Silver Foil infused packet ‘ lo pack chesi istharu. Ivi kuda easy to tear fro the top and edhanna sauce drip aina adhi ee packet lone undhipothundhi..so chethulu karab kakunda last bite varuku enjoy cheyocchu.


Most important ga, mana food ni oka Cloth Bag lo deliver chestharu.


You can order these awesome rolls from here..

Rollsking – Nizampet & Pragathi Nagar/ Kukatpally : CLICK HERE

Rollsking – Kothapet & Diksukh Nagar : CLICK HERE

Rollsking – Ameerpet : CLICK HERE

Rollsking – Madhapur : CLICK HERE


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