Tera venuka Bebamma, Meet RJ Darling Swetha: The Girl Behind This Mesmerizing Voice

Contributed by Jayamadhuri Dandu

‘Beauty from within’ antamu kadha daniki perfect example ee amayi and she is PVS Swetha me andariki teliyali ante RJ Darling Swetha. Eyes, voice, way of talking okata renda bhayya all mix fruit juice lekka untundi. So mana andari brain loki ekkesina ah bebamma venaka unadhi ee bebamme. “Veedu musalodu avakudadhe”, “Mana idhari madya prema endhuku ani pakana petesa” lanti dialogues tho uppena movie lo krithi shetty ki dubbing artist ga chesi full too marks kottesindi.

How it all started:

Swetha is from Visakhapatnam. She was very fascinated by the stage and theatre right from childhood. Ala degree complete cheskuni Hyderabad vachindi. Their parents encouraged her in each and every situation. So she started her job as AD for a Telugu serial and for a Youtube channel and next as sub editor for one news channel. Later she got a chance as Radio Jockey at Mirchi. Finally a beautiful dubbing artist. By the way she also shoot some videos for her own Youtbue channel called ‘Swifi’ which gained popularity.

What is dubbing for Sai swetha?

In a recent interview she says that “Dubbing is like voice acting. You have to decide the character of the role, how it should sound and the tempo the character carries”. For example she dubbed for Nivetha Pethuraj in Chitralahari as a bossy girl and in Mathuvadalara, Athulya played a drug addict. It all based on the script and have to be involved into the role. You know what the most beautiful thing is ‘she has dubbed in eight languages so far’. She also lent her voice to documentaries, web series and advertisements.

Well known movies:

Swetha dubbed for over 50 movies. Besides Bebamma in Uppena  she dubbed for Nivetha pethuraj in Chitralahari, Pooja hedge in Valmiki, Kalyani priyadarshini in Hello, Kajal in Awe, Akanksha Singh in Mali rava, Kiara advani in Bharath ane nenu, Iza in Wolrd Famous Lover. Ila chala unai andoi.

Instagram reels:

Apatlo equality gurinchi matladuthu she became an internet sensation. ‘Men ante oka opinion create cheseskuntaru ala kakunda manchi valu untaru… at the same time amayilaki chepinatu abayilaki kuda ee job e cheyali, ilane undali ane rules petesthu untaru’ ani oka one min video okati pichi pichi ga viral ayipoindi. And that musugulo una amayi is none other than RJ Swetha. She wants to do it like that because edo face chusi impression vachi na matalu vindam veru.. oka amayi evaro emo telikunda just words dwara na interests and matalu nachadam veru ani clear ga express chesindi.

Ee madya instagram reels tho alladinchesthundi… Her silvery voice let everyone feel a bit magical. Voice tho ne kadhandoi manchi manchi matalu, kaburlu tho.. inkendhuku late okasari “Swethapvs” instagram chuste mere addict ayipotharu.

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Finally She says that she follows a mantra, “Not only in dubbing, anything in life just be present, do everything wholeheartedly”. So yeah tanaki ilanti eneno manchi movies ravalani and ilanti new talent ki support undali ani wish chesthu.. ika selavu. Also bebamma ki oka like of appreciation eskondehey!!

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