How The Pollution Is Killing River Musi: An Award Winning Documentary


If you live in Hyderabad, You definitely know about the great Musi river aka Musi Nadhi.


But the crazy thing is, What we now know about Musi nadhi & What Musi nadhi actually was in the past are two completely different things.


The Musi nadhi has a great history that has to be told to future generations.

One of the examples of how important the river is to Hyderabad is, In 1908 a massive flood killed almost 50,000 people. And it was then the king Osman Ali Khan has built the Osman Sagar Dam and Himayat Sagar Dam.


What was once a historic river.. is now a home for industrial water waste, including radio active materials. How and when did this transition happen?

A filmmaker Hemanth Ramesh explored about River Musi & How the massive pollution is affecting the river in Hyderabad.


He won the Best documentary director award at Rajasthan International Film Festival 2020.

Checkout the documentary below:


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