From A Century To Sledging, Here’s How This 21 Year Old Became The Hero Of The Series


Rishab Pant, 21-year-old dashing Indian wicket keeper. Ey muhoorthana Australia series ki select ayyado kani, prathi roju edho oka vidham ga news lo untunnadu. First match lo ‘Most number of catches in a test match(11)’ record ni equal chesthu start aina racha, iroju daka saaguthune undhi…

Ee series lo Pant timeline okasari look eddam… Full fun guaranteed…


Most number of test catches in a match(11)

He equaled this previous record with his match itself in Australia. First innings lo 6 catches, Second innings lo 5 catches.


His sledge game with Pat Cummins

Okappudu India overseas tours ki velthe, ‘opponents entha sledge chesina, calm ga game meedha concentrate chesevaru’ ane talk undedhi. Ippudu kaalam marindhi, chance dorikthe chalu, manollu ekkada thaggatledhu…


Dropped catches and got trolled in the second test

Second test lo right from the team selection, everything went wrong for team India. Ee match mana Pant ki kuda peddaga kalisi raledhu… He put down easy catches and even got trolled for his poor wicket keeping.


Tim paine sledging Pant in the third test

Australians cricket ela aadina sare, sledging lo mathram class first vachestharu. Pant chinna pillodu anukunnademo Australia captain Tim Paine. Batting ki vachina ventane, sledging start chesadu…

He even said ‘Dhoni vasthunnadu kadhaa, mari nee paristithi enti? Babysitting chesthava?’ (of course translated in Telugu)


Pant giving it back to Paine in the next innings

Idhi series lone one of the epic moments. Evariki eppudu ela tirigi icheyalo manodiki chala chala baga thelsu…


Rishab Pant with Australian Prime minister

After the third test, the Indian team was invited for an official lunch by the Australian prime minister. When Pant went to greet the PM, he asked him ‘Ohh, You were the guy who was sledging Paine…’


Rishab Pant with Tim Paine’s wife and children

On field entha sledging cheskunna, once off the field, asalu etuvanti rivalry undadhu. During the same lunch, Pant met Tim Paine’s family and spent some fun time with them. Tim Paine’s wife even put up an insta story saying ‘Look who is babysitting my kids’.


Hitting a blockbuster century today in Sydney

Ee series lo manodu notiki okkate pani cheppadu anukunte, You are completely wrong. He has scored the second most number of runs after Pujara even surpassing Kohli. Inka iroju kottina century aithe next level asalu. Australian bowlers andharni oka aata aadukunnadu. Chala mandhi antuntaaru, ‘rash ga aadathadu’ ani.. But that is his game and thats how he plays….


Pant’s birthday gift to his mom

So, today is the birthday of Rishab Pant’s mom. Intiki dooram ga undi kuda, he gave his mom the best birthday gift by becoming the first Indian wicketkeeper to hit a century in Australia.


To many more heroic moments on the field, All the best Rishab Pant…
Aand here is a special fan song dedicated for him…


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