We Will Forever Miss You & Your Long Interviews, TNR Garu

TNR, Telugu Youtube follow aye valaki parichayam avasaram leni oka peru. His interviews are so popular and known for their organic flow. Besides being a YouTube host, TNR garu is also an Actor, Writer, Journalist who predominantly worked in Telugu Film Industry. He made a mark with celebrity interviews on YouTube with almost every actor, director from TFI. Being straightforward with his questions whilst maintaining the friendly tone made his interviews an instant hit and brought him closer to many.

It came as a shocker to all of the film fraternity when they heard that he is no more. T. Narasimha Reddy garu, popular as TNR garu, had succumbed to covid19 today and here is a reminder of his accomplishments.

Frankly with TNR:

It all started with “Frankly With TNR” Youtube interviews. He interviewed a whole bunch of film celebrities, artists, politicians and rolled up millions of views. If you have tried interviewing a celebrity, you will know the real effort that it takes to do that. And TNR garu’s interviews always felt unreal on that front. It would never look like an interview. He would slowly earn their trust and make them so comfortable that makes them forget about the interview and opens the door to their lives leading to an organic, freewheeling conversation.

From being just promotional material of 5-10 mins before the release of film, he changed the entire paradigm of interviews to 2-5 hours detailed, meaningful, insightful, heart touching look into the lives of celebs. Ah interviews entha long ayina manam ippatiki skip cheyakunda chustham. Needless to say that he’s one of the fair interviewers in telugu states. Even the editors would joke that it’s going to be another night of jagaram because he never wanted to miss the slot that people had gotten used to.

He had interviewed around 150 celebs and interacted with many more. He’s also known to keenly follow the parallel cinema and encourage small budget movies whenever there’s a chance. Many people have gained fame through his interviews and are forever grateful for that.


TNR garu just begun to made his mark as an actor. His famous filmography includes..Falaknuma daas, Nene Raju Nene Mantri, Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya, HIT, Savaari.

Some Lengthiest interviews of TNR:

A gem of a talent left too soon. You are an inspiration to many contemporary anchors and budding Journalists. The whole film fraternity will miss you forever. May your soul Rest In Peace, Sir.


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