Preparing For UPSC? All India 15th Rank Ria Dabi Gives Some Golden Strategies For Every Aspirant Out There

Basic ga manaki UPSC ante gurtochevi IAS, IPS.. Manalo chala mandhi chinnappati nundi collector ante ento telikunda ne nenu collector avutha anevallam. Kani chala takkuva mandhi mathrame anukunnadhi  reach avthu untaru. Endukantaru.? It’s all in the strategy and sources we follow up kadha. Most importantly, ‘consistency is the key’ . UPSC crack cheyali antey manam consistent ga preparation cheyyali. Mari ela prepare avvali? Em chadavali? Ilanti questions annitiki simple ga solutions chusedhama?!

Nenu chepte evariki ekkutundi andi? Anduke mana topper AIR 15 Ria Dabi follow ayina strategy ento oka look edham. 

Her Introduction :

Ria Dabi , sister of Tina Dabi (AIR 1 , 2015) was born in Madhya Pradesh and brought up in Delhi . However , currently settled in Delhi . Her Schooling was done from The Convent of Jesus & mary, Delhi.  She did her B.A in political science , done with the graduation in 2019. She gave her prelims attempt in 2020 and the results are announced in 2021.  She secured AIR 15 in UPSE CSE . Enno lakshala mandhi attempt chese exam lo andarini daatukoni ah rank ravalante chala kashtam. Antey aspirants kuda anthey strong ga prepare avvali annamata.

UPSC: IAS Tina Dabi's sister Ria Dabi secures 15th rank, shares post
Prelims Strategy : 

UPSC CSE has 3 phases: Prelims, Mains, Interview (personality test). Indhulo prathi phase chala important. kabatti anni phases lo standard ga ne prepare avvali. First manam cheyalsindi enti ante, Go through the previous year question papers to understand the exam pattern and the toughness. Most of the questions in prelims are covered from current affairs  & statistics. So, it’s better and must to follow a newspaper.

  • NCERT books & Standard books :

History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Indian Society, Art & Culture, Sociology, Science and Technology NCERT books from class 6-12th need to be read. Making own notes/important points that will be helpful at the revision time. And NCERT lo foundation strong ga untundhi, but in detail, depth lo chadavali ante standard books are necessary.  

Here are some Standard books that you can refer to: 

History of modern India By Bipin Chandra, Modern History (spectrum), Art & Culture by Nitin Singhania, India struggle for independence- Bipin Chandra, Indian Polity by Laxmikant , Environment ( Shankar IAS) , Oxford Atlas. 

  • News Paper :

THE HINDU & The INDIAN EXPRESS are preferable .Current affairs ki notes maintain cheskunte chala helpful avuthundi revision time lo. Also paper lo vache vocabulary manaki easy ga ardam avuthundi Hindu paper follow ayithe.

  • Govt Websites : 

Better to prefer govt. websites to know any information, because govt. websites aithey accurate information dorukuthundhi.. like coaching institutes websites, don’t waste your time going with too many resources.

  • Segregate topics & Give mock papers :

The Books we follow for prelims & mains are similar. So, all we need to do is to segregate the topics which are in prelims, which are in mains. Ila notes, books sorted ga pettukunte, it will be easy for us to pick at times. Giving mock papers improves our performance, mana mistakes ento manam analyse cheskovachu. 

7 reasons why mock tests are important for every competitive exam  preparation - Education Today News

Resources You Can Refer to : -> News Services Division( It has all the national radio) -> Current Affairs

RSTV Youtube Channel -> Regarding all the issues -> Daily questions, reference articles , current affairs & quizzes. essay topics, questions, 60 day program, interview questions -> Articles

 General studies -1 : -> notes, geography, environmental

Geography Youtube : 

  1. Rajtanil Mam 
  2.  Amitsen Gupta Sir

Economic & Political Weekly : 

General Studies – 2 : -> govt. schemes, objectives, information of ministry -> Summary of parliament , objectives, polity , law.

General Studies -3: -> national , international & business news -> important issues on the global level . -> essay ,environment related

General Studies -4: -> Govt. website ( Info. Regarding all the issues) -> social issues( corruption , public integrity) -> discipline , ethics, emotional intelligence 

International Relations : -> Institute of defense studies & analysis ; international platform issues -> Technology articles(reviews)

Mains :

It’s better to focus equally on Prelims & Mains right from the beginning. Answer writing is very important for mains. So manam exam ki mundu answer writing practice cheste, time management easy avuthundhi. Three times in a week answer writing practice cheste better. 

  • Essay :

First previous years question papers refer cheyadam better, endukante frequent ga eh topics medha aduguthunnaru ane idea ochesthadhi. Common topic ki notes prepare cheskunte it will be more helpful. Like Democracy, Digital india , Globalization, Women empowerment etc.

Essay should be elaborative & informative too. Overall ga essay lo introduction manchiga isthe that will be attractive. Apart from that positives, negatives, history kuda cover cheste ekkuva marks vache chances untayi. But at the end of an essay give a positive note other than filling up with crticism. It should be balanced in essays & in mains too.

Make your own notes for Ethics. Which contains values, philosophies , ideologies , vilainanni ekkuva examples isthey better answer attempt chese time lo. For such real examples/case studies we will be having online websites like the Better India ( & practice as many case studies you can. 


Be confident. Read on current affairs, specially newspaper headlines, revise the notes, read some articles, know about your place/state/ it’s speciality. Interview anedhi ocean laga, eh topic/category nundi adugutharo telidhu kabatti need to be well prepared. 

Ee article mimmalni complete ga guide cheyakapoyina, entho kontha tappakunda help avthundhi ani korukuntunnanu. Mana friendlist lo kuda Civils ki prepare ayyevallu untaru kada, so late cheyakunda ee article vallaki share cheseyandi. 

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