This Hyderabadi Engineer And His Mean Machines Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

His first love was a dirt bike in Kuwait. He thought it had a personality, a life of its own. He was just 9 back then.

He grew up admiring the mean machines, and gradually began customizing his own bicycles, which became pieces of envy in his neighbourhood. He later decided to become an engineer but that didn’t deter him from his passion and love for motorcycles.

As a teenager, he got hands-on experience in building motorcycles, the first of which was a Yamaha RX100, in Hyderabad. With years of research, both theoretical and practical, he went on to start his own bike customizing company, RHC.

Meet Reza Hussain, a 33-year old who has recently given up his 9-5 job against his family’s wishes to pursue his dream to build rockstar bikes.

Reza Hussain Customs was born out of a fierce belief that motorcyles are meant to be exclusive pieces of art. It is at RHC that one gets to have a first-hand experience of adrenaline rush!

At Bike Week 2014, Hussain won the Best Chopper Designer award for this gem of a machine, named Valeno Mortale, meaning Deadly Venmo. His first creation, it is 8.5 feet long, and sports a stock 500cc Royal Enfield engine. Everything apart from the engine on this sexy reptile is customized! Jaw-dropping beauty, ain’t it?

valeno-mortale - Chai Bisket

The second creation is a tribute to the Indian Army’s bravery, the Valiante!

valiente1 - Chai Bisket

RHC entered the Biker Build Off Contest yet again, at India Bike Week 2015. This time it is with the Da Bang(clearly a Sallu fan), this mean chopper with huge-ass tyres(310 mm and 360 mm respectively)!


And guess what, the RHC team has won it again! It is indeed a mystery how this man pulls it off every single time!


With an experienced team, people at RHC work very hard to set a new trend in each build, whether by building from scratch, making custom parts, or by importing different parts on client’s specifications. They believe one’s ride reflects one’s persona. Going by these builds and the awards they’ve garnered, it is only left to our imagination what Hussain and Co. will dream up in the future!

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