Three Years After The Disastrous “Hud Hud” Cyclone, This Is How Visakhapatnam Looks Now!


It has been three years since Hud Hud hit the city of Destiny. The way the city has recovered from the disaster is worth noting. Hitting by the wind with a speed of 195kmph, Visakhapatnam one of the beautiful city has lost its shape. All the greenery has turned down with roots, well-built building have lost their roofs, even the colleges suffered from loss. The pleasant sea has come front which leads to the beach erosion, which is something that never happened even during Tsunami. People in the city has spent the day in dark, witnessing the horrifying sounds of winds.

The city lost the communication with the other parts of the state. All the roads leading to the city are blocked. Signal towers were down. For the next 24 hours, Vizagites has seen something which they never imagined. But that didn’t let the courage of them go down. The very next day, the sky is clear. Peace after a huge storm, people started coming out their homes to see the pity state of the city. There are no basic necessities available. There are people who lost their homes, who suffered from hunger, but not more than a day. The public, youth, students and government united together in bringing back the city to life.

People started supporting each other, shared basic amenities. The youth of Vizag organised cleaning camps to clear all debris. Students across the state joined together and went on to the villages to support them. The alumni of the colleges in Vizag, people who are associated with Vizag came forward to help the city to gain the past glory. The whole state came together and donated whatever they feel like. Even NRIs joined this. Campaigns with the name #Vizagrehab #Revivevizag ran across the social media. Adding to this, the government has played its part at crucial places.

The day after Hud Hud hit Vizag, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu reached Vizag by road. That is one the reason that the obstructions on the roads leading Vizag have been cleared at a strong pace. He sat at the substations and recovered the power within hours. The GVMC officials also made notable efforts and did everything possible. This didn’t end just like that. In just two years, that is by 2016 the city stood fifth among the cleanest cities in India. And by the next year, it was the third cleanest city. This is an example how the people of Vizag fought back to restore the cities lost glory. Not just this, Vizag port emerged as the second cleanest port in the country. Also, Visakhapatnam railway station is declared as cleanest in India.

Celebrities, Cricketers, Actors who visited the city blown away by its beauty. After a fall, the city has emerged in the way one could never imagine. It is one of the cities which one should surely visit. Many corporate, MNCs made MoUs with the government to set up their branches here. With well-lit roads, the silent waves and its green cap this city has much more to offer.


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