This Documentary About Dying Folk Dances Forms Of India Is Looking For Funds


The real culture, heritage and history of India is in the rural parts of India antaru. Over the decades, Manam enno dance forms chusamu. Western countries nunchi dance styles adapt cheskunnam. But ee process lo are we forgetting our own historical dance forms?


Folk is one of India’s oldest dance forms with decades of history. But can you believe that this art is in its extinction days?


Revival is a documentary film by Bharath Kishore. Its a documentary to raise awareness about the rare and dying folk dance forms of India. The film covers four folk dances from the regions of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Odisha. To complete the film, the team is raising Rs. 9 lakhs in the next 45 days.


Bharath is a Writer, Director, Producer and most importantly a dancer.


He represented India as a choreographer at a Dance World Cup in Spain for the last 2 years.


So in his quest to study the folk dances of India, He’s been doing a lots of research over the past few years.


He says that, “There are many dances which have not a single line written about them on the internet. And a few of them have only 2 trained dancers left, Which means with them passing, the dance will become extinct. Which is when I decided to make this film.”

He plans to cover as many folk dances as possible across the country. Dances that need attention, Dances that are rare and that are on the verge of extinction.

This film Revival, Covers 4 folk dances across 3 states, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Orissa

With many difficulties, The team has managed to finish the production of the film and now are in the post-production. They plan to raise 9 lakhs in 45 days for Editing, DI, Sound design and Music. Part of these funds will also be donated to the folk dancers of this film, Affected by the pandemic.

This is an ‘All or nothing’ campaign. Means if they don’t raise the requisite amount in the coming 45 days, They lose everything. Not just their efforts in filmmaking, but also the efforts in reviving the dying folk dances.

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