Relationship Kothallo: Cute Things That Happen During The First Month Of Every Letha Letha Relationship

Oka relationship lo chala phases untayi. From having a little crush to liking each other to confessing! Idhe oka peddha yuddham chesesamu ane feeling isthe, dini tarvate asalaina story start avthundhi. Kaani ey maata ki aa maata, the first one month of the relationships i.e., the honeymoon period of the relationship is one of the most exciting parts of the whole relationship. Abhabha chala kathale padathamu kada andi. Here are a bunch of relatable things that every couple has done during this period of a relationship.

Our phone is our best friend

Alaaa phone ki attukkoni rojanta kurchodame! Akkada matladadaniki em lekapoina matladali ane intention chala ekkuva untadhi! Inka phone calls ani WhatsApp lo texting ani ekkada gap vadalakunda vaadestamu. And we can never get tired of talking to each other.

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The smiling, the blushing!

Just ala random gaa nadusthu manalo maname navvukovadam, ala phone ni stare chesthu smile cheyyadam inkaa mana mundhu evaraina valla peru mention cheyyagaane blush avvadam….. ivvani chala common andi.

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Details, it’s all in the details!

Life lo jarige prati chinna peddha vishayam ni detailed ga cheppeyyali. Enduku ani adagakandi. Adhi anthe.

Extra effort in almost everything

Repu kalustunamu antey eroju nunchi full-on extra efforts pettestamu, to look pretty. Asalu the laziest person kuda mana partner tho long walks ki velladaniki ready aipotham. A non-text person becomes a text person and a non-call person will be wanting to be a call person.

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Patience at its peaks

The first fight as a couple might piss you off the most. But both of them will try and be very patient and understanding with each other. New new days kadha, anthe le :p

Relatable content everywhere

Instagram lo scroll chesthu kanipinchina prati post manake relate avthundi. Tv lo oche program, YouTube lo chuse prati video manaki edo cheppali ani try chestundi ani anipistundhi. Adhi entha varaku nizamo aa first month tarvate telustundhi.

Those special date nights

Movie dates, dinner dates are way more special. We always want to meet and spend time with each other. Be it even 15 minutes of walk, we just want to be with each other holding hands.

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Sleep ah? Ante enti?

Ante…. Adhi…..

Kothha kothalo nidra ravadam kashtame kada andi. Phone lo matladam is even more important.

Red flags what?!

Ee first month lo enni red flags kanipinchina…. Abhaaaa chala convenient ga ignore chesestamu. The first of a relationship is always about being a little blind in love, right?!

Meanwhile, our single friends listening to our story all day, every day!

When they compliment you

Ok. Ok. Ok. Singles please ee article chusi “Yedava sodhi ekkuvaipoindhi” ani chiraku padakandi. Vilantey mi committed friend ni comments lo tag chesi, “anni nuvu padina kathale” ani cheppandi!

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