Here’s How 9,292 Women Came Together For The Record Shattering Bathukamma Festival Gathering In Hyderabad!


Why should boys have all the fun? When women think of having fun, they will create records. Telangana government on Saturday organized the state floral festival of “Bathukamma” amidst a huge number of people in LB stadium.



The event was conducted with 9292 women which made this grand event to enter the “Guinness world Records”, surpassing the Onam dance organised in Kerala in 2015 in which 5,015 women had participated.



Bathukamma represents the cultural spirit of Telangana. Bathukamma, essentially, is a beautiful flower stack, arranged with different unique seasonal flowers most of them with medicinal values, in seven concentric layers in the shape of a temple gopuram. Earlier, the government announced this floral festival as the state festival when the separate state formed.


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