10 Reasons Why A Saree Is Probably The Best Outfit For A Woman!


1. It makes us look little thin! Doesn’t it? Of course, it also depends on the way you drape it and the way you carry it.



2. No matter what sort of personality you carry, be it tomboyish look or you have bob cut saree will just immerse with the personality you have and add a unique beauty to it. You are all set make people’s ‘Jaw Drop’!



3. There’s so much you can do with just the blouse itself. Sleeveless makes you look ‘Easy work woman’. Full hands, makes you so look so elegant.



4. Those good old designs are back in fashion again, Halter necks, boat necks, ‘Butta chethulu’ ‘Bell hand’, one can never get bored with sarees coz there are ample choices you’ve got to rock ladies.



5. You know what’s the happiest thing to wear a saree is, no one will ever dare to give you “What sort of attire she’s wearing” looks. You can wear to office, theaters, shopping anywhere and everywhere like a boss. Indeed everyone will adore you.



6. You can just go with no Make-up, or not much accessories on but you’ll still look stunning.



7. Ahem Ahem! Technically speaking, it depends on material and the design work it’s got. If it is just that soft cotton or pure silk with the simple blouses it’s the most comfortable attire and has lot of ventilation. These days there are ready made blouses too, the ones which are just like t-shirt you just have to wear from top and you’re done. I know you can’t stop ‘woo’ing now.



8. Not just someone you want to impress but everyone out there will skip a heartbeat as soon as you enter the event.



9. Mummy the dearest will never have any issues if the saree is overpriced. So kushi kushi ga manchi saree konukovachu.



10. Every woman will have that ‘First saree moment’, probably 10th standard Farewell party for some. Everyone will want that saree and even that day to be very special. This one day will be a lifetime of memories for us.



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