10 Reasons Why You Should Go On Long Drives With Your Friends Often!

(Article By Krish)

1) Long drives ante happiness, travelling peacefully on highways, listening to our favourite music and breathing the fresh air is the best feeling in the world.



2) We think about our life and our interests in life while driving actually. Chala dooram travelling kaabatti mana life and relations gurinchi and mana dreams gurunchi positive ga alochinchuko vacchu



3) Long drives ki friends, cousins ledha girlfriend ila evari tho vellina… vaalla tho happy ga spend chese time idhi. Em misunderstandings unna happy clear cheskovacchu ee drive lo only good vibes.



4) Actual ga manam oka place ki plan cheskoni velthaam. Kaani road trip kaabatti daari lo chala interesting and new places and nature’s beauty ni discover cheyocchu.



5) Road trip lo manam friends tho kalisi enno beautiful pics teeskovacchu and adhe travelling lo nature pics theesthu manaloni photographer ni baytaki teeskoni ravacchu



6) Manaki trip lo important stop food thinadaniki. Highway dhaba lo food taste gurunchi cheppalsina avasaram ledhu special ga…. Punjabi dhaba lo aithe tasty food and lassi



7) Long drives ki vellinappudu mana tensions and pressure mottham anni marchipoyi enjoy chesthaam. Daily life tensions ani pakkana petti happy ga refresh avvadaniki long drive oka best option.



8) Actual ga manam long drive ki vellinappudu enno new routes and shortcuts ni kanukuntaam and next time mana friends evvaru long drive ki vellina manalni approach avvalsindhe .



9) Trips tho compare cheskunte students ki pocket money budget lo happy ga long drive ki velocchu oka car, bike and fuel charges chaalu. Any way, friends andaram kalisi velthaam kaabatti inka happy.



10) Final ga, enno memories ni ee drive lo gurthuvundi pothaayi and eppudu cherish cheskone funny incidents drive lo vuntaay. So mee best friends to kalisi oka long drive ni plan cheyyandi.



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