10 Reasons Why You Look Bad in Photos Than in Real Life!

Ever wondered why you look bad in reel than in real? Well here’s the list of possible reasons behind the untold mystery which you can totally relate to.
1. You never had a strong bonding with the photographer.
2 copy
2. Flashy Flash Flash.
5 copy
3. You didn’t want to get clicked.
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4. Mirror is rather your best friend than the lens.
7 copy
5. The lens captured a wrong side of your face.
10 copy
6. The photo was clicked at the worst time.
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7. You either are too close or too far from the camera.
9 copy
8. You faked a smile or plain expression.
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9. You smiled for a long time, pretty long!!!!
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10. Probably a bad hair day?
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Even after a 100 clicks getting that perfect picture is worth all the pain isn’t it?

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