Here’s Why Raj Kapoors Famous Song From Shree 420 Was Named In Telugu!


Raj Kapoor, the man who defined the true meaning of Handsomeness in Bollywood and throughout India. The pioneer of Indian Films, yesteryear’s superstar and grandfather of today’s stars Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir kapoor was also known for his charisma on screen and melodious songs throughout his career.

One such song which helped him gain the title of “melody king” is “Ramayya Vastavaiyya” from the movie Shree 420. Though most of us think that the title and lyrics are named in Telugu as a coincidence and never bothered much on how it actually originated. If you haven’t heard this song yet, just here it now.


Here’s the real story on how actually it was named and sang which became the song that is even loved today. The music duo (Shankar-Jaikishan) was the composers for this movie. Shankar Singh Ram Singh was from Hyderabad and studied up to 10th class here before moving to Bombay. Thus while composing and demonstrating the sonfg to Raj Kapoor, it is believed that he sang the lyrics in Telugu in place of the Hindi lyrics. Raj Kapoor felt that it was catchy and exciting and loved it more than the original one’s. He expressed his desire to have them included in the song.

Another theory of parallels of Raj kapoor and Lord Sree Ram returning to the kingdom and Raju’s character in the movie “Shree 420” of coming back to his people was also the inspiration behind forming those lyrics.

Let it be any theory, it’s always good to know that each story and song in movie have certain special connection with contemporary aspects in day to day life.


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