Presenting 10 Common Real Life Relationship Goals We Usually Find Around Us!


Andariki vaala life lo ilanti partner kaavalani, vaalu ilanti panulu cheyyali ani oka clarity untadi. Chaala sarlu ee ‘clarity’ manaki movies chusi leda novels chadivi vasthadi. Manamu chuse inka chadive most of the movies and novels unrealistic relationship goals ni real goals laaga chupisthayi and vaatini manamu guddi ga nammesthamu. Real relationship goals are the most ordinary but powerful things, so here are some:


1.Each other’s best friend:

Best friend ante mana confidant and one of our closest people on this planet. We don’t think twice before we say anything to our best friend. Mana partner kuda mana best friend ga unnaru ante we are most comfortable with them ani. Badha iyna aanandham iyna vaalaki cheppaku pothe tattukolemu because only they will bear you at your extremes.


2.No gender roles:

‘The couple that cooks together and cleans together stays together’ ani yevaru cheppakapoyna it’s true. Iddaru vaalaki nachina pani kalisi chesthu unte everything will be balanced.

3. Knows you:

Idi konchem deep ga unna, they actually know your soul. Mana passions, dreams, ambitions anni vaalaki thelsu and they always push us towards that. Mana gurinchi manakante vaalake thelsu entha ante manamu sentence start chesthe vaalu manamu anukuna words tho ne finish chesthaaru.

4.Own definition of romance:

Anything can be romantic! If you really love that person manamu vaalatho unte traffic tho nindina road kuda romantic aiypothundi. Manushulu batti romantic gestures maaruthayi, you can gift food instead of flowers or a movie ticket to their favorite hero’s film, idi inka lifelong gurthundipothundhi.

5.Their bffs become our bffs:

When your boyfriend/girlfriend is best friends with your friends, the level of fun you have together is on another level. Kaani making fun of your boyfriend/girlfriend along with his friends is always more fun and brings us closer generally.

6.Real fights:

Mee madhyalo fights avvalsinavi over t.v. shows/movies. Also, fight iythe iddaru kalisi solve cheskovali and come up with the most innovative ways of saying sorry. Don’t let the spark in your relationship fade away.

7.Cancelling plans to stay together:

Mana kosam vere plans anni cancel cheskoni manatho special ga time spend cheyadamu. It shows us how important we are to them. Vere important meetings unna manalni priority ga anukoni verevi anni cancel cheyyadamis a wonderful gesture.

8.Giving space:

Usual ga janalu relationship lo iddaru annaru ani marchipothuntaru. Iddaru okate life lead chesthuntaru ani anukuntaru. But yevari life vaalaki untadi, two different people ante two different choices untayi ani marchipothamu. We need to give them their space, ante gaaliki vadileyadam kaadu. Just let them be, his/her freedom is not yours to give!

9.Love them at their ugliest self:

Mana faces photos lo baane vachina, intlo ela untamo manaki kuda thelsu. But if you face is smeared with multiple sauces and stuffed with food and they give you that look and say ‘I love you’, treasure them because they are ‘the one’

10.Being able to take them at their worst:

Manaki andari kante ekkuva comfortable unna vaala munde manamu adusthamu and badhalu chepukuntamu, aa time manalni pattukoni dhairyam vaalu chepthe edi iyna adhikaminchachu ani oka feeling raavali manaki. Manamu aa kopam lo ane maatalu inka chese panulu kuda tattukune laga undali.

P.S. If you have checked off the entire list then don’t leave him/her because they are yours forever!


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