You Need To Check Out This Hyderabad Guy’s Real-Life Working Model Of Bhallaladeva’s Gada!


We have seen foreigners obsessing over comic book superheroes which led to some of the most creative inventions such as working model of Iron Man’s sonic blaster, real-life Bat mobile, real web shooters of Spiderman and so on. Since now we Indians now have our fantasy world of Baahubali, thanks to our Rajamouli garu, our fans have also started going on such creative paths. Though we love the sword and battle axe of Amarendra Baahubali, we all can agree that Bhalladeva’s retractable Gada was the coolest weapon in the entire series. Fascinated by this weapon like all of us, Ajay Rathode, a Hyderabad guy, has created a real-life model of that Gada, which works with the help of a motor near the handle. Though it does not look as fancy as the weapon in the movie, this guy gets full marks for creating it in the first place.



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