Whatte Sudden Suppai Chali: Reactions Of Telugu People For This Sudden Cold Wave During Nights

What a sudden suppai annatu, ee chali enti mowa intha suddenga perigindi, bike medha office nunchi intiki velthunte chali iragadesesthundi bayya, afternoon yenda koduthundi, night aythe chalesthundi, over all ga shades chupisthu ee climate manalni vanikinchesthundi.

Sun mowa while I am going to office:

Endi ra ee yenda mokam medha koduthundi

Chali bro while I am going back to home from office.

My friend during his night shift in WFH.

Ushhhh, inka holidays unte ayipov

Me after my 2nd shift:

Arey nannu inti dhagara drop chesthava

My friend with Pulser 220: Sarey ra, ekku

Few moments later, Me without sweater and helmet.

Couples enjoying this cold wave.

Single me by seeing them:

Me working in this cold wave be like:

Entra ee chali ki intha nidrosthundi.

Me who forgot to bring sweater

Thokka le, okkaroju lekapothe em kadhu le

Also me at 9 PM, while going back to home from office.

Me suffering in this cold wave.

Arey blankets saripotle ra

My north friend playing in this cold wave

Me switching off all the fans.

Meanwhile mosquitoes:

Me who don’t know what to do.

Fans on chesi chali ki chavala? or Mosquitoes tho kottinchukoni chavala

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