9 Reasons Why ‘RCB’ Is The Best Paisa Vasool Entertainment Team Of IPL!


RCB. Gatha 11 seasons ga IPL lo one of the most talked about teams. Atu troll chesthu ina, itu fan base chupisthu ina, edhoka peru tho RCb mathram eppudu social media lo trend avthune untadhi. So here are 9 reasons why some people love RCB so much, and why RCB is the best paisa vasool team of IPL ever.


1. Most Loyal Fan Base

Ippatidaaka RCB fans ki asanthrupthi antu edhanna okati undhi ante adhi IPL start ayyi 11 seasons ina, okka trophy kuda ledhu. But great thing is that doesn’t effect team’s fan base even a little bit. In fact, trophy lekapoina kuda intha fan base undhi ante, just imagine okavela undi unte inka craze eh level lo undedhoo..


2. Win or Lose Doesn’t Matter

Paapam RCB prathi saari playoffs dhaaka velli bayatki vachestharu. 6 times (out of 11) lo playoffs ki velli without cup venakki vachindhi. Idhe league lo unna vere famous teams (CSK, MI, SRH) andharu minimum okasari ina trophy kottaru. Lets compare RCB with other teams which have never won an IPL trophy (KXIP, DD), clearly RCB’s fan base is way lot bigger than that, and importantly, winning or losing doesn’t matter at all.


3. Paisa Vasool Entertainment

Remember that match in IPL-2013 (RCB vs Pune Warriors) when we saw Oora Maass avatharam of Gayle (175*)? Alanti matches paisalu petti stadium lo chusthe vache mazaa ne veru. As an audience who spend money to watch the match in stadium, nobody wants to watch a normal, expected, or a boring match. Andhuke RCB matches are basically full meals for cricket fans. (Kodthe bhari ga kodtharu, ledha bhari ga out avtharu).


4. The Best Players In The World

Half of the RCB fans love RCB just because Kohli consistently plays for the team. But what makes RCB more special is, how powerful the rest of the team is, just throwback to a few years (when Gayle was part of the team too). Virat Kohli, Ab De Villiars, Chris Gayle, Brendon McCullum. One of the most powerful dream line up unde.


5. Highest Ever Scores In IPL History

Not just that Gayle’s 175*, if you observe Most runs scored by Individual list lo 3,4,5 places places lo unnadhi kuda RCB ne. But what’s fun about RCB is that, highest ever IPL team score (263) RCB dhi ithe, lowest ever team score (49) kuda RCB dhe. This is why people call them ‘Most Entertaining’, and ‘Paisa vasool’ team of IPL.


6. Green Jersey For A Cause

RCB ante fun, entertaining ani andharu antaru kani, most importantly on the other hand. IPL lo 8 teams unte, prathi season lo konni matches lo ‘Green Jersey’ eskoni, the players promote the awareness about Global Warming. Which is such a nice gesture to do.


7. The Most Entertaining Team

Ee vishsyam lo mathram without a doubt, no team can come even a little bit closer to RCB. Be it Nograj’s funny commentary / pranks, or behind the scenes fun, RCB is the best. Here are a few videos that speak for themself.


Basically ‘RCB Insider‘ YouTube channel is no less than full time entertainment channel, no wonder they have 334,000 subscribers.


8. Memes Memes Memes

We will let the memes speak. Edhi emanina asal RCB ki intha preu, intha craze vachindhante ante adhi kevalam social media lo memes valle ani cheppali.


9. ‘Ee Saala Cup Namde’ Is An Emotion

IPL 2018 start inappati nunchi ekkada chusina okate trend ‘Ee sala Cup Namde Namde Namde…’. Entha famous ante ee peru meedha oka website, oka FB page, oka location edhi padithe avi unnai. Mari ee sari anna cup gelusthara..leka eppati laage hearts and kidneys gelichi venakki vachestharo chudham.


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