25 Rare, Unseen, Heartwarming Pictures & Stories From The Other Side Of Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s Life That’ll Leave You Teary Eyed

Major movie chusina prathi okallu emotional avuthunnaru, inspire avuthunnaru. This is so real and nobody can come out of it so easily. Naku genuine ga inka chupinchochu kadha.. 3 hours aythe enti, 4 hours aythe enti inka telusukovalani undi ani anipinchindi. Ala our team was full on full tripping on MAJOR from the past two days. 

When Sesh said that they had to cut many beautiful incidents of Major Sandeep because people won’t believe it! I think we found those incidents here. Yes, we found one beautiful profile on Instagram named Mrinal Mohanan (mrinal_munnu), cousin of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Garu. He has some beautiful collections of Sandeep gaari memories.

In case you missed the real-life photos at the end title cards in the theatre, here is a beautiful, heart-warming compilation of rare of the rarest pictures from Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s life:

  1. First musical instrument played by Major Sandeep. Kindergarten lo first vachinandhuku valla father gift chesina first gift.

2. OMG! This was 40 years old audio clip, which was sung by Sandeep Unnikrishnan when he was four.

3. He was such an active person since childhood. This memory is from Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore.

4. Training at National Defense Academy. Ee races conduct chesetapudu candets shortcuts lo kakunda normal path lo race chesthunnara ledha ani chala close ga observe chesevalu anta.

5. A pic from his room in ISRO Quarters, Bangalore. Evaraina chusthe tana gurinchi negative impression create chesthundi, ani family members entha cheppina ee poster matram teyyaledhu.

His attitude was that he didn’t want anyone’s approval for what he is, neither did he wanted to impress anyone.

6. He was the topper in his class. Elanti special coaching lekunda.. he cleared the UPSC entrance exams for NDA in the first attempt, ranking 14th in whole India.

7. Parting ways and getting divorce doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. We usually hear things like these sadly from Army couples, because of their unavoidable long-distance between them. It’s great that Sandeep sir respected her choice and let her go for better.

8. There are bunches of letters between him and his parents. Asalu prathi chinna thing share chesukodam, home food miss avuthuna ani chepadam, chelli gurinchi adagadam, exams pass avutha anadam everything is so so precious and emotional.

9. Major Sandeep’s NDA batchmates:

10. A lovely video from her Sister’s Marriage reception in 2004

11. Sandeep UnniKrishnan’s letter from Indian Military Academy

12. He was such a pure hearted person that Pakistani soldiers gurinchi bad ga matladina ala matladodhu anevaru.

“If they give us one, we give that back as two. They are doing their duty, we are doing ours.”

13. At the age of 22, he topped the Ghatak commando course. After 7 years, at the age of 29, he went back to do the same course, topped the course again with a commendation before joining NSG.

14. Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s mother wears the same saree for Major premiere, that she wore in 1999 for Sandeep’s pipping ceremony at Indian Military Academy. This really made our day!

15. Commando Uniform and shoes:


17. Some motivational and heart touching quotes by Major Sandeep:

18. Major Sandeep with Col. Sheoron aka bullet catcher, who played the role by Murali Sharma in the movie.

19. Sandeep valla mother tanaki sambandhinchina prathi chinna thing dachipettaru. 4 months baby ga unapudu oka towel daggara nundi ayana chanipoina last dress varaku intlo ne oka floor lo musuem lo petti uncharu.

20. During Operation Black Tornado (26/11 attack), Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and his team evacuated 560 rooms, 44 suites and 9 restaurants, without a single casualty and managed to corner all four terrorists in just 16 hours.

21. Recently one of his juniors visited Unnikrishnan’s home. He is a Lieutenant Colonel now.

“The love and camaraderie in the Indian army cannot be bought with any amount of money in the world”– words by Major Sandeep

22. Goosebumps worthy, Rare picture of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan with his team during the 26/11 attacks. God, I think this is the last picture of Major that we have!

23. At NSG Campus:

24. Major Sandeep parents (UnniKrishnan and Dhana Lakshmi) with Ratan Tata.

25. Ayana ela chanipoyaro andhariki telusu, ela brathikaro evariki telidhu. He was everyone’s hero, inspiration, pride and what not. Salute to this legend. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Amar rahe!

Such a beautiful profile, such an inspirational journey it was! Thanks to Sandeep parents, Mrinal Mohanan, Major movie team for this emotion and for everything!


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