All You Need To Know About The Rare Plants Which Only Grow In The Soils Of AP & Telangana!


The states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are very rich in their bio diversity. The climatic conditions of these states make them suitable for the growth of varies varieties of plants and animals. The two big rivers, Godavari and Krishna also provide the necessary weather conditions in achieving that. As a whole there are many plants that exclusively grow in these states. Here are a few in them, that again makes our state so special.

1. Cycas Beddomei

2. Pterocarpus Santalinus

3. Terminalia Palida

4. Syzygium Alternifolium

5. Shorea Talura

6. Shorea Tumburgia

7. Psilotum Nudum


8. Hardwickia Binata

9. Albizia Amara


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