Everything About Rapido, The Most Convenient, Safe & Inexpensive Bike Taxi Service


Asalu ee rapido ante enti ?

Rapido is a convenient, inexpensive and safe ‘Bike’ taxi service app annamata. Yes, deenilo only bikes ae untayi. This app is concentrated on solo customers ( & bandi rani babjis) & bikes are much affordable for daily travel kabatti. In fact , Rapido is India’s largest bike app which is available in 40 cities with over 2 million customers and 10+ Million rides & it has 15,000 – 20,000 monthly drivers ( Captains ) including Women Captains.


Prapancham lo inni apps unna Rapido ne endhuku vadali?


Each and every Rapido ride is insured with Acko Insurance for 50 paisa ( included in the ride ).



Rash driving valla, proper protection gear lenandhuvalla yearly chalamandhi road accidents lo chanipothunnaru. Bandi nadipe vallake kaadhu, venukala kurchunna vallaki kuda anthe protection avasaram. ( Manam sarriga vellina, pakkanodu manala undakopovacchu ga). So, safety ki priority isthu Rapido theesukunna initiative ” Prathi coustumer ki trip begin ayyemundhu oka Helmet/ Disposable cap provide cheyyatam ” ( no amma, idhi meeru intiki theesukellaleru).

Okavela me captain meeku Helmet / Disposable cap provide cheyyakapothe ee app lone meeru issue rise cheyocchu.



Visually-challenged people ee app ni valla voice tho activate chesukovacchu. Aa voice command taruvatha text loki convert ayyi pickup & destination location select chesuke option isthundhi. According to Rapido ” Usually, visually-challenged people have fixed destinations, like home and workplace. The Rapido Captains mostly pick them up or drop at these destinations every day



Customer ki individual preferences/ Choices ivvatam prathi business ki chala important. So, Rapido lo meeru payment cash tho gani Rapido Wallet or other digital wallets ( paytm, freecharge, phonepe etc ) tho pay chesukovacchu. Rapido also has a payment option to pay later with LazyPay.



Last and most important, comparative to other cab services fares chala thakkuva untayi & ee thakkuva fares ni kuda Rapido frequent ga provide chese coupon codes apply chesi inka thagginchukovacchu.



Android : CLICK HERE




Ee app usage user ki easy ga ardham ayyela, oka comfortable experience icchela design chesaru. Mana Telugu lo kuda app ni access cheyyocchu. Telugu kakunda ee app ni English, Hindi, Tamil & Kannada languages lo access chesukovacchu.


OTP gurinchi wait cheyyalsina avasaram lekunda..Rapido, Truecaller app dwara One- Click-Login feature tho fast ga register avvocchu.


Login ayyaka, Rapido picks your pickup location via GPS. Denini meeru manual ga kuda change cheyyocchu.

Ippudu meeru vellali anukuntunna destination location address anna type cheyocchu ledha Maps lo pin anna drop cheyocchu. Ee pick up and drop locations ni mee favorites loki add chesukunte next time quick ga access chesukovacchu.


App bottom lo meeku estimated fare chupisthundhi. Ee estimated fare thaggali ante meeru coupons kuda apply chesukovacchu.


Meeru request chesaka, mee chuttupakkala enthamandhi Captains entha dooram lo unnaro chupisthundhi. Evaranna Captain mee request accept chesthe valla details meeku display chesthundhi. ( Mee captain arrival ni realtime lo kuda chudocchu )



Mee captain arrival late authunte, meeru thanani contact cheyyocchu. Contact chesemundhu ee pop-up display authundhi. Mee captain ki ae languages vacchu, thana rating enti etc details display chesthundhi.


Top right corner lo unna button press chesthe mee ride ni mee trusted contacts tho share chesukovacchu.


and meeru travel chese prathi ride ni quick ga share chesukovali anukunte Go to settings -> Profile -> Emergency contacts -> add contacts.


Ride start ayyaka emergency button nokkithe you can easily contact ambulance services / share details with previously filled trusted contacts.


Mee ride complete ayyaka ee pop up display authundhi. Ikkada meeru rating tho paatu, captain professionalism/ service nacchithe thanaki tip kuda ivvocchu.



Once book chesaka, meeru kavalante meee ride ni cancel kuda chesukovacchu.


O Captain, My Captain…

Eerojullo enno cab service and food delivery apps vacchaka, chala mandhi vaatilo part-time & konthamandhi full time employees ga maaruthunnaru.

Rapido lo captain ga join chesukune mundhu, oka thorough background check chesi captains ki training istharu. Not only that, season & timings tho sambandham lekunda at our service unde ee captains ki Rapido captain welfare programmes kuda conduct chesthundhi, where they provide Coconut Water at Rs. 1/- & Free Breakfast at multiple places 100% Insurance cover up to Rs. 5 Lakh.

Meeru kuda oka Rapido lo Captain kavali anukunte, you can download the Rapido captain app HERE


Captain Testimonials :

Name: Gayatri (Female Captain)
Qualification: Designer
Testimonial: I always looked for cheaper modes of transport and thought that a bike taxi would be more than useful. I got to know about Rapido through a friend of mine and wanted to try it. I’m the first Female Captain in Hyderabad and I’m happy that I could set an example to many. I want to change the idea of looking at these jobs as Blue Collar ones. I want Dignity of Labour to be in place. I was skeptical about it in the first place but I was all wrong. No customer created a trouble for me. The platform is very safe and the support I got was immense. I’m a Rapido Captain, not for money, but to spread awareness and inspire many. There must be a lot of women who want to earn on their own and are looking for opportunities. I believe that Rapido has that potential to be one. I’ll always be there to support Rapido in any new initiatives and would continue to be on the platform to bring a change in the society.


Name: Mallesh
Qualification: B.Tech
Earnings: 30,000/- per month
Testimonial: Before joining Rapido, I used to work with private organisation. I had faced various issues there major one being lack of stipulated work timings. Weekends never existed and spending time with family was a rare thing. I used to be always tired but there was no other option for me. Restlessness used to dawn in quite regularly. But again – I had no other choice then!

I got to know about Rapido and wanted to give it a try. There was no looking back after that. I have a lot of freedom to choose the work hours and I earn accordingly. I plan my day, have time for my family and the best thing is that, I’m satisfied. We are captains not just for our company but also for customers who treat us with respect & affection.


Customer Testimonials

Testimonial: “I take home tuitions for music. A lot of my time used to be wasted when I travelled in cabs and also, they were expensive. I always used to be late to my classes. I found Rapido to be very useful in this space and it solved my problem. Now, I’m almost on time to all my classes and save quite a bit of money. Thank you, Rapido, for this amazing service of yours.”
– Himabindu K.


Testimonial: I’m a Beautician. My profession demands traveling to 4-5 places in a day. Rapido serves the purpose for me. I was a little worried about the safety before using it but once I started using it, I understood that I need not worry about it anymore. The Captains are very friendly and Rapido made sure that the rides are safe. Kudos to the team.”
– Anjali


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