You’ll Be Shocked To See This Stunning VFX Breakdown Of ‘Rangasthalam’ Scenes


So its been a long time since Rangasthalam released, so long that it is also available on streaming platforms. Ee patiki andharu movie chusesi untaru, so if there is anything special about the movie, it is how the makers took us to the world of ‘Rangasthalam’ village, and showed the rustic, raw, and real side of the village.

But wait, there’s a plot twist. Not everything you saw in the film as the village is real. And this epic VFX breakdown video uploaded by Yugandhar T – VFX Supervisor, Creative Director, shows us the unseen, behind the scenes of the village, and the sets, check it out.

Rangasthalam Visual Effects from Yug_and_her on Vimeo.


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