12 Mandatory Common Things We See In A Rajini Movie That Make Fans Go Crazy!


Super Star Rajinikanth. Ee peru vintene cult fans ki pichi ekki pothadhi. There are people who grew up watching Rajinikanth’s movies. And there is a reason why people call him, ‘The Man Of Masses’. Aaayanani theatres lo first day chudataniki thousands lo vastharu, both Telugu and Tamil people. Mari intha craze undhi ante, aayana movies lo fans edho common elements expect chestharu, that make them go crazy with happiness, avi ento chudham.


1. Innocent Man Turns Badass!


2. Whatever He Does, He Does It For The People!


3. Gets Arrested For All The Wrong Reasons!


4. Always Proud Of His Skin Tone!


5. Donates Everything He Has For The People!


6. Rajini & Glasses!


7. Has A Huge Flashback Story!


8. A Relatable Guy Next Door Who Is Afraid Of Speaking To Girls!


9. Unique Cigar Smoking Style!


10. Rajini’s Iconic Salute!


11. A Simple Yet Ultimate Walking Style That Only Thaliava Can Pull Off!


12. And Of course, his ever green smile


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