8 Times When SS Rajamouli Used God References In His Movies And The Hidden Reasons Behind Them!


Entire world was celebrating the humongous success of ‘Baahubali – The Conclusion’. But to the surprise of whole nation, Some groups of people started making false yet reasonable allegations that Baahubali series is promoting Hinduism. Yes, from Appanna Swamy in Simhadri to Parameswara in Baahubali, Why is god being repeatedly referred in SS Rajamouli films? From Siva Thandava Sthotram in Sivuni Aana (Siva Sivaya/Kaun Hain Woh) to Sudarshana Ashtakam in Kanna Nidurinchara (Kannaa Nee Thongadaa/Soja Zaraa), Why are there too many vedic chantings? What is SS Rajamouli trying to convey?



How did Baahubali make us emotionally invested in the story and its characters despite being 171 minutes long?


The reasons are so simple. In order to achieve the psychological involvement, storytellers generally use the reference of something to which audiences are already connected to. This might be the reason behind Jakkanna using god references in most of his movies.


Disclaimer: This article has nothing in context with religious issues. SS Rajamouli is also a self-proclaimed atheist. And also he had never tried cramming in sentiment at unwanted places. There is a reason behind every scene directed by him and we just tried figuring it out. Most of the below explanations may seem obvious and it’s cool if you are already well aware of them!


Narasimha Swamy – Simhadri and Yamadonga:
It’s been an eye feast for fans since decades when Nandamuri heroes are elevated on screen alongside Lord Narasimha Swamy. In this scene, Tarak receives devotional offerings from common people for being the first to fight against the injustice. What more do die-hard fans of NTR need?



In 2007, this locket was extensively used in film promotions. Audience had no clue about what’s so special with this locket.



It’s only during the climax when suspense is revealed along with a haunting BGM. Only a superpower can subside the effect of another superpower. This fact was well used for dramatization.



Lord Bhairava – Magadheera:
Bhairava means terribly fearful form. It’s another incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is also seen as one who destroys fear or one who is beyond fear. The right interpretation is that he protects his people from dreadful enemies. This is a snapshot from the epic 100 soldier fight sequence and Ram Charan excellently portrayed the character of ‘Kaala Bhairava’ which is on similar lines with Lord Bhairava.



Siva Lingam – Maryada Ramanna and Baahubali -The Beginning:
This is the scene where Sunil gains enough bravery to move out of villain’s home. Dramatic illustration for mass audience!



It looks a bit hyperbolic if Sivudu climbs those giant waterfalls all of a sudden. Sivudu is shown lifting a heavy rock statue of Lord Siva so as to make audience believe that he is enough strong to face any physical hurdle.



Baahubali-The Conclusion- Lord Ganesha:
Prayers are offered to Lord Vinayaka before the beginning of any activity and why shouldn’t the makers of India’s biggest motion picture take a chance?



Lord Krishna:
This is the song wherein Devasena indirectly proposes to Baahu by comparing him with the love god. Soothing chants of ‘Sudharshana Ashtakam’ made this song even more awesome.



Comparisons of Amarendra Baahubali with Lord Rama:
Amarendra Baahubali never complained about the injustice incurred to him and never expressed grief. But why are we still concerned about those things? There is a complex science behind that and Jakkanna termed it as ‘Applied Heroism’. The hype that surrounded this character is only due to the unconditional love expressed by people of Mahishmathi towards Baahu.



Check out this interesting video:


Rakshasa Dahanam:
It’s the duty of royal daughter-in-law to carry out this Yagna once for every 26 years. In the beginning scene, Sivagami performs it. After twenty six years, instead of destroying a demon’s effigy, Bhalla is burnt alive on pyre!



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