Director Rajamouli Issues Clarification Over His Meet With Chandra Babu Naidu Regarding Amaravati Designs!


Ace filmmaker SS Rajamouli has been in news for quite a sometime after he met Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday at the state Secretariat in Amaravati. Rajamouli met Mr. Naidu after an invite from the CM to finalise designs for some key government buildings.

Known for his technical brilliance and creating visual wonders, Rajamouli was asked to give his suggestions to help the government create attractive designs of the buildings. Apparently, Chandra Babu Naidu, after watching ‘Baahubali’, was impressed by the mammoth designs and sets of Mahishmati kingdom. It is said that he wanted to sought the director’s valuable inputs in raising a magnificent façade of the Assembly and High Court buildings. Their meeting invited severe criticism as many took potshots at the govt’s idea to have a film director on board for designing buildings. “..It’s not a film set design…it is capital city,” said a Facebook user. “Amaravati doesn’t have a green mat to create visual wonders like the ones shown in films,” said another.

Few weeks ago, British architectural firm Norman Foster and Partners have submitted final models of the buildings. Their models had a touch of European structures. However, Mr Naidu wanted the capital city to reflect the Telugu culture even while blending the best of the international designs. “I want a representation of our history, folklore and mythology,” Naidu had said at a meeting of the Capital Region Development Agency in December last year. After the two met to discuss on the same, soon, media came up with their own stories – many of them saying that Rajamouli has been appointed as a consultant, designer, supervisor, etc for Amaravathi.

Dismissing those statements, Rajamouli issued a clarification over social media. He said that all the news stating that he was ‘appointed as a consultant, designer, supervisor etc for Amaravathi are not true..’ Also, he went on to say that he is just interpreting the vision of Chandra Babu Naidu to Foster + Partners team to quicken the process of having a design for the assembly to be much more iconic. He opined that the designs of F+P is of first class. “Hope this small contribution of mine is some kind of help in that epic project,” tweeted Rajamouli, putting an end to all the rumours of him being appointed as a designer for the capital designs. The director will leave to London by the end of September to discuss the designs with Norman Foster team.


Read the director’s full post HERE.


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