This Inspirational Speech From Rajamouli And Allu Arjun About “Drink And Drive” Is Definitely An Eyeopener To All Of Us!


“Drink & Drive” is one of the major problems our society is facing today. This negligence has led to the death of thousands of people on our roads. To curb this rising problem “Hyderabad Police Department” has held an awareness programme. Addressing this event, Allu Arjun and Rajamouli have come together and appealed to the common citizen to drive safely and responsibly.

Here’s their version of “Why you should never ever drink and drive”.

Allu Arjun describes his own experience of road safety and how one particular incident has changed his mindset.


SS Rajamouli talks about how speed and irresponsibility on roads is causing major problem to the nation as a whole.



We hope that this will change the way we follow traffic regulations and brings out a positive mindset in all of us.

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