These Breathtaking Pics Of Rajahmundry & Its Surroundings Are Probably The Best Photos Captured!


Ranked amongst the oldest cities in the Indian subcontinent, Rajahmundry is a beautiful city located on the banks of River Godavari. The city, which is called the Cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, is also referred to as the ‘Born City’. Surrounded by nature, it is a historical, cultural and traditional city. The Godavari Pushkaram, a festival celebrated once in twelve years, attracts a large number of pilgrims from all over the country who come here to take a holy dip in the Godavari river, which is believed to wash away their sins.

Rajahmundry is a blend of various qualities that make the place unique, interesting, and suitable for tourism for all ages. Picturesque landscapes, monuments of cultural importance, ancient temples and adventurous tourist spots are available in the city to make it an irresistible place for travellers. Now, what you’re going to see here are magnificent pictures captured by Rakesh Kiran Pulapa – travel photographer based out of Rajahmundry. Rakesh’s work got published in NatGeo (Daily dozen), Andhra Pradesh Tourism, Tripoto, Chevrolet and CN traveler India as well. He recently won 1st prize in Click India photography in association with Andhra Pradesh tourism. Currently, Rakesh is on a mission to showcase the beauty of Rajahmundry and it’s surroundings. Check out the beautiful pictures captured in and around Rajahmundry.


“If you ate today , thank the farmer.” — at Rajahumndry.


“Sunsets , Sail ends.” Godavari River, Rajamundry.


Incredible aerial shot – Godavari Arch Bridge.


3D Shadows .- GODAVARI bridges


Greenery c/o GODAVARI districts.


Diverse Fields – Godavari


Elephant Rock – Godavari


Bird’s Eye, Drone Shot – Rampachodavaram, India.


“Away from chaotic cites always lies Paradise and more oxygen .” – Rampachodavaram


Shine bright like Sunflower – Rajahmundry


Broken yet alive – Rampachodavaram.


Reflection of a reflection with in a Reflection – Rajahmundry


“Godavari Harathi .” – Rajahmundry



Sunset at Godavari Arch Bridge


River – Lifeline – Life, Godavari


The Throw! – Godavari


First throw – First splash! – Godavari


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