Meet B Raja Kumari, An IPS Officer Who Cooked Food For 11 Migrants At 1AM


With at least 5000 new cases everyday, India is facing one of it’s worst health crisis. Middle class people deggara money aipotunnai, Lower middle class and poor deggara basic necessities kuda undatledhu. Inka migrant workers sangathi talchukunte ne chala kashtam ga undi. People are doing their best to help these migrant workers in these tough times.


Mari intha tough times of B Raja Kumari ani oka IPS officer, thana busy schedule lo midnight 1AM ki 11 migrant workers ki aame chethulatho food prepare chesi pettaru. And this is her heartwarming story:

Vizianagaram district lo currently superintendent of police ga serve chestunna Raja Kumari garu received a call in the midnight from a woman saying that she and her 10 fellow workers were hungry and had nothing to eat.


Everyday morning work meedha bayataki oche Raja Kumari garu, At least 10PM varaku work lo struck ayyi untaru. So when we received the call, It was her bedtime.

But yet she woke up and prepared the food for all the 11 women migrants workers.

In an interview, She said,

“The fact that some poor women did not have food for days disturbed me. I called up my officers. They offered to take bread. In lockdown times, getting bread is also difficult at that hour. I know bread cannot satiate the hunger of people starving for three days”


She immediately took the help of her assistants and prepared lemon rice. She got the food packed and personally took it to the quarantine centre at Lendi College.

“That is the only rice item we can make quickly” She added.

Direct ga Raja Kumari gaare food teeskochi vaalla chetiki ivvatam chusi, The women were pleasantly shocked and cried happy tears.


“We walked for three days from Sullurupet in Nellore district to Vizianagaram. We didn’t get food. We didn’t have money to buy the food.” Said one of the migrant lady.

Mana chuttu unna pratiokkaru kuda migrants workers ni Raja Kumari garu treat chesinattu treat chesthe entha bagundo kadha.


We salute you, Raja Kumari garu.


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