Interested In Rain Water Harvesting? This Park In Hyderabad Is Where You Need To Visit To Know More


Presently India one of the worst water crisis ni face chesthundhi. According to NITI Aayog’s report on ‘Water Management Index’ released on 14th June 2018, ” over 600 million Indians face high-to-extreme water stress and over two lakh people die every year due to inadequate access to safe water. If the necessary steps are not taken, the situation may get worse in future where the demand for water may exceed its supply.


Vallu report lo cheppinattu gane monna chennai and future lo mana telugu states lo chala places ‘Extreme water crisis‘ ni face chese chances unnayi.


Importance Of Theme Park:

India extracts most groundwater than China & United States combined together. Ee extract chesina dantlo 80% irrigation purposes ki 12% industrial purposes ki & only 8% ni mathrame manam drinking water ga use chesthunnam. Indhulo kuda domestic waste water ni untreated ga discharge cheyyatam valla danni recycle cheyyalekapothunnam.

According to Smartwatermagazine
The Indian government has identified rainwater as an underused source of freshwater. The country uses, indirectly, only one fourth of the total rainfall of about 4,000 billion m3, through withdrawals from surface waters and groundwater that gets replenished with rainfall.

Ee situation lo manam water ni save/store cheyyali ante manaki andhubatulo unna resources ni ela use cheyyalo manaki theliyali. Ituvanti water conservation practices main ga Rainwater Harvesting gurinchi public ki awareness ravalante theoretical knowledge tho paatu practical knowledge kuda chala important. Ee thought thone Telangana Government along with Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) oka unique idea tho ee Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park ni construct chesaru.


Jubilee Hills Road No.51 lo 3.5 acre area lo spread ayyi unna ee park development ki and public ki interactive way lo RWH importance gurinchi cheppela design chesina infotainment animated short films, games & virtual reality setup ki nearly 2 Crores spend chesaru. This is India’s 2nd Rainwater Harvesting Themed park after Bengaluru.


Water conservation, Rainwater Harvesting, Groundwater recharge, Water treatment and Sewerage treatment lanti different types of water conserving techniques ni mana inlto kuda replicate chesi practice chesela 42 distinct models & 4 gazebos ni ee park lo exhibit chesi, vaati workings ni explain chesthuntaru.


Ee Theme Park loni Information Center lo ‘Display Gallery’, ‘Animation Center’ & ‘Auditorium’ untayi.

Display Gallery

– Consisting of display charts on Water conservation,
– Rainwater Harvesting,
– Groundwater Recharge,
– Water Treatment and Sewerage Treatment
– Live Weather monitoring Station etc.


Animation Center

– Consist of Holographic projection on the process of Water Treatment and Sewerage Treatment,
– Virtual reality show on Water Drop Journey from the Source to Hyderabad in 3D ( 9 minute video )
– Video games on RWH ( 4 minute game which can be played by 4 players & other game where you can fix leakages and breakages )
– Talking tree on Rain forest. ( Which speaks about rain forests & their importance )



– Short films on Water Drop Journey on 2D and Rainwater Harvesting etc ( 9 minute video )

According to Telangana Today
‘HMWSSB is now planning to construct a similar park at Teachers Colony near Vanasthalipuram.’


So, ilanti Water conservation techniques & vati importance ni public loki theesukuni velli awareness penchatam lo Government valla part chesthunnaru. Manam kuda ilanti places ki velli, aa different practices gurinchi thelusukuni vaatini mana life lo implement chesthe we can conserve maybe some amount of water for our own needs.

You can register your slot to visit The Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park HERE

Image source : Jalbharat, NewIndianExpress, Google


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