All You Need To Know About The Railway Developments Happening In Our Telugu States!


This is a largely unknown fact, but the Indian railway system is so large that it carries the equivalent of the combined populations of Australia and New Zealand in ONE day! However, the system has fallen short in terms of quality. That is beginning to be addressed, at least by the South Central Railway (SCR) in Telangana. Here are some exciting developments in the recent months that are sure to hype you up!


Fight for Secunderabad!
Five firms, including heavyweights like GMR (the firm behind Hyderabad and Delhi airports) and IL&FS (the builder of Asia’s longest tunnel). This is the first time the Indian Railways has approved a Public-Private Partnership in railway development.


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A Secunderabad Makeover!
The 282 crore-rupee development plan includes a complete overhaul of the 143-year-old station by bringing commercial development to the 2nd and 3rd floors of the station.


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28 More Stations
In the Telugu states, there are a total of 29 stations that have been identified for redevelopment. That list includes the one in Vijayawada at a cost of 192 crore rupees.


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MMTS goes online!
The introduction of the user-friendly mobile app ‘Hyderabad Live Train Enquiry System’ to know real time running status of MMTS trains in city has been a major success.


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New terminals in Hyderabad
Chengicherla on the East, Vattinagulapally on the West. Those are the locations for the new railway terminals. These new terminals were conceptualised to serve the rising demand in the eastern and western parts of the city.


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Swanky facilities
The SCR is working to improve amenities like lifts, escalators, platforms extensions, foot over bridges, water vending machines, LED lighting, automatic ticket vending machines, on-board housekeeping services, and solar lighting.


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Six new railway lines
The lines are Manoharabad-Kothapalli (151.36 km), Manuguru-Ramagundam (200 km), Bhadrachalam Road-Sattupalli (56.25 km), Gadwal-Macherla (184.2 km), Bodhan-Bidar (100 km) and Secunderabad- Zaheerabad (63.5 km)


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Heightened safety
132 unmanned crossings in the region are to be removed, and 256 road over and under bridges have already been built. In addition, 22 stations receive foot-over-bridges. What a relief!


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These developments are much-needed transformations that would power India’s railway system into the 21st century.


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