Rahul Dravid Appointed As Head Of National Cricket Academy & Fans Are Celebrating It


Cricket, Cinema laanti fields lo trolls ki, controversies ki, chaala scope untundi. Kaani veetannitiki dooranga pratokkari daggara oka positivity ni, oka manchi impression sampaadhinchukunna athi thakkuva cricketers lo Rahul Dravid okaru. Rahul Dravid ante oka Respect untundi andariki, He is the perfect example of Gentleman with utmost discipline.

1996 nunchi 2012 varuku India ni 164 Tests, 344 ODIs and one T20I lo represent chesaka, 2015 nunchi India A & India U-19 team coach ga work chesthu.. entho mandhi emerging players tho thana experience ni share chesukuni, vallani guide chesthu 2018 lo mana U-19 Team World Cup win lo oka prominent role play chesaru Dravid.


Atuvanti oka ideal person ni , National Cricket Academy (NCA), Bengaluru ki Head ga appoint chesindhi BCCI. He deserves it.

According to the statement released by BCCI
Mr.Dravid will oversee all cricket related activities at NCA and will be involved in mentoring, coaching, training and motivating players, coaches and support staff at the NCA.


Mr. Dravid will also work closely with the National Men’s and Women’s Head Coaches and Cricket Coaches for India Developmental teams – including India A, India Under 19, India Under 23 teams, in the identification of key training and development objectives.

He will also be responsible for monitoring progress against these objectives for the developmental teams and provide necessary inputs on the same to the Senior Men’s and Women’s Head Coaches.


Ee news vinna prathi okka cricket fan “Future of Indian cricket team is in safe hands” ani cloud 9 lo thelipothunnaru. This is how twitter is reacting to it..







Co-Written by Pavan Chelamkuri


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